Former WWE Superstars React To CM Punk’s Loss At UFC 225

As you probably know, CM Punk competed against Mike Jackson at UFC 225 last night in Chicago, which ended in a second loss in the UFC.

Unfortunately, CM Punk won’t be getting another chance to compete in the octagon. However, Dana White and rest of the world have shown their support for CM Punk.

Many superstars are prohibited to comment, or support former or non-WWE superstar’s support on their Social Media accounts. But, we were able to find few wrestlers who have shown support for CM Punk.

First: Those who don’t know that Cody Rhodes is making big outside of the WWE and he is turning into a main event level star.

Second: Jim Ross has always supported CM Punk throughout his career. CM Punk has said many times that Paul Heyman, and Jim Ross has supported him even when no one wanted him around the four-squared ring.

Third: Tommy Dreamer is a wrestling legend, who has competed in many matches in ECW and WWE. But, he could not make it big in the WWE. Tommy showed support for CM Punk.

Fourth: Hurricane Helms was the first superhero on the WWE, who have created memorable moments in the WWE  He returned to the Royal Rumble 2018 as a surprise entrant at number 21, and his segment with The Rock and John Cena is most memorable.

Author’s Take

I was expecting a word from Paul Heyman, who was the advocate for CM Punk. After all, Paul Heyman is the first guy, who supported CM Punk throughout his WWE run. Unfortunately, we could not find any tweets or reaction from current WWE roster.


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