Raw Coverage/Review for May 28th, 2018

(Segment 1) Braun Strowman kicks us off in Richmond, VA after a very good Memorial Day tribute. This crowd is hot for Braun, very loud ‘Get These Hands’ chants. Balor interrupts Braun after he goes off about the MITB ladder match. Finn slaps Braun, and Braun didn’t like that too much. Angle comes out and announces Balor vs Strowman for…..wait for it……take a guess……RIGHT NOW!

(Segment 2) Finn Balor vs Braun Strowman: This match was very good last week in the main event spot, this week it is kicking us off. This match was a fun one last week but this is just lazy booking and they are just forcing stuff now. It should be a pretty good match, and a good way to kick off the night. Kevin Owens will join on commentary, wouldn’t be surprised if he gets in the middle of this match. Braun has just been destroying Balor. Owens has been great on commentary with great lines and humor. Balor vs Braun has been quick and hard hitting, great way to kick off the night. This match has been very good with good action, great kick off match. Kevin Owens pushes Balor off the top rope while trying to go for another Coupe De Gras. Braun then take Owens out with a ladder. Kevin runs away and Braun is left standing. So Balor wins via DQ.

(Segment 3) Elias Show: I really hope this does not lead to Elias vs Roode again, that would be very annoying. Roode vs Owens is announced for later, so no Roode vs Elias! I love Elias, he does such a good job on being a heel. I wish they would give him a title at this point. They interrupt Elias and just go to commercial, which was very weird, I have no idea why they did that. Announcers say Jinder vs Rollins next.

(Segment 4) Seth Rollins vs Jinder Mahal for the IC Title: I do not expect much from this match. Jinder still has work to do in the ring and Rollins is so far ahead of him. I believe Rollins retains here. At MITB I think it will be Elias vs Rollins for the IC Title. This match has actually been pretty good, this is also a good spot for this match on the card. Jinder wins via DQ, Rollins keeps the title. Rollins hit him with a chair multiple times to lose the match and his cool. Pretty good match all around. Maybe we get a chair match or something next week?

(Segment 5) Nia and Rousey: Nia came out with a jobber and claimed she could not put an armbar in, she didn’t. Nia destroyed her. Short segment that didn’t have a lot to it. They were effective with the time they were given.

(Segment 6) Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt vs The Ascension: I don’t expect anything from this match, this is a filler match. No storyline in this one, just trying to kill time. I feel very bad for the Ascension because they were jobberon SD, and are now jobbers on Raw. Hardy and Wyatt win a thriller of a match, I am kidding obviously.

(Segment 7) Bobby Roode vs Kevin Owens: Roode gets a pretty good reaction. This match should be pretty good and have some good moments. This is also a good spot for the match, it will pick up the show pretty well. This match has been pretty slow paced, not too much action. Owens rolls up Roode for the win, it was an ok match. Braun comes out as Owens starts walking away and chases after him. Braun gets help from Roode and gets Kevin. Braun destroys Owens as Bobby cheers him on, but then Bobby gets the hands after Owens. Roode was having a little too much fun, Strowman ended that quick.

(Segment 8) Sami Zayn Apology to Lashley: This will not be much of an apology, this will just be another bad segment. I do not see too much coming out of this segment. This Raw has been very up and down. Zayn says those were not Bobby’s sisters, shocker. This segment makes me want to fall asleep. Bobby comes out, thank you Bobby! Bobby vs Sami is announced for MITB, should be a pretty good match. That segment was not as bad as last week. Nothing will ever be worse than last week.

(Segment 9) Drew Mcintyre vs Gable: This match I can see being either really good or really bad. If they give it enough time it could be very good. This is a very physical match and is good. I’m glad these two are getting time and can shine. Drew pins Gable after the Claymore, I’m sad Chad lost but they are pushing Drew and Ziggler hard. Was hoping for Jason Jordan came out and did some damage on them.

(Segment 10) B-Team Memorial Day Tag Team BBQ: This segment is going to be awesome and hilarious. I cannot stop laughing, this segment is amazing. A huge food fight breaks out and it is awesome, this is a must see segment. It ends with Rhyno getting put through a table by the B-Team.

(Segment 11) Gauntlet Match: The winner of this match will be the last women in the MITB ladder match. This match could go a couple ways, I do not see the winner of this match winning the ladder match anyway. Bayley was the first one out then beat Liv Morgan in seconds. After Liv, Sarah Logan came out. Bayley beat her easily. Then Riott comes out to face Bayley. Ruby Riott pins Bayley and moves on. Dana Brooke comes out now. This gauntlet match is moving very quick with very fast action. Riott pins Brooke for another quick win. Mickie comes out next, big pop for her in her hometown. This crowd is very hot for Mickie and that is great for her. You can tell she is very happy, I hope she beats Riott. It is crazy to think that Mickie was such a big return in 2016 but hasn’t done anything big. I am surprised she hasn’t won a title yet. Riott rolls up Mickie for the win, pretty solid action between those two. Banks comes out next and looks ready for a red hot Riott. These are the last two in this match, one of these 2 will be going onto the MITB ladder match. This whole gauntlet match hasn’t been that great, they weren’t given too much time to shine. The action has been quick and not that rich. Riott Squad shows up to interrupt, but it doesn’t work because Sasha makes Ruby tap out via Bank Statement. Sasha takes the last spot in the 2018 Women’s ladder match.

Overall Grade of Raw: C+

By Matt Degnan of @WWETalkingPoint and @BodySlamDotNet