WWE 2K19 Video Game Officially Announced For A Fall 2018 Release

WWE has officially confirmed that the next installment in the WWE Games franchise WWE 2K19 is scheduled to be released this fall.

The highly anticipated follow up to last year’s game WWE 2K18 had been rumored to be in the works. Buzz began to circulate online after an image leaked last month of RAW Superstar Baron Corbin working on recording audio for 2K Games. It had been believed that the game would be released sometime this year as a follow up to the success of last year’s game.

The rumor and speculation can now be put to rest.Barring any setbacks or delays in production, WWE 2K19 is scheduled for a late Fall 2018 release.

Currently that is all the information that can be confirmed regarding the upcoming release of WWE 2K19, however more details will be announced at a later date.

You can see WWE’s official announcement of the upcoming release of WWE 2K19 the video game below:

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin posted a photo to his instagram account late last month showing him working in a studio recording audio with the caption, “knocking some stuff out for 2K.” Corbin quickly deleted the photo, but not before fans grabbed a copy of the image, which you can see below:

Independent Pro Wrestler Santana Garrett previously revealed via her personal twitter account that she was heading to California to film for a video game earlier this month. Many speculated at the time that she might be working on the motion capture for the next installment in the WWE 2K Franchise. With the announcement of the release of the WWE 2K19 video game yesterday, it would indicate that production of the game is currently underway and that Garrett was indeed more than likely working on the motion capture for the next installment in the WWE video game franchise.

Even more reason to suspect that Santana Garrett is working on WWE 2K19, is because she worked on the motion capture for last year’s installment of the game as well. Plus, 2K Games studio is located in California, where Santana said she was traveling to film for a video game.

You can see Santana Garrett’s tweet embedded below:

We will keep you updated when more information regarding the upcoming WWE 2K19 video game release when it becomes available.


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