UFC Looking At Former Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy For Heavyweight Division?

UFC Looking At Former NFL Player Greg Hardy For Heavyweight Division?

Ex Dallas Cowboy and Carolina Panther Greg Hardy won his third straight amateur MMA fight in 14.53 seconds Friday night at a Legacy Fighting Alliance event.

In 2016 Dana White said:“I’m one of those guys too who believes that we’re all human beings and we all make mistakes, and when you make a mistake, you pay your penance, whatever it might be, and you should be allowed to make a living and move on in your life. Is he good enough to come into the UFC and fight? I highly doubt it. I’ve been playing football for a couple weeks too, maybe I’ll try out for the (New England) Patriots?” White continued, laughing. “It takes a little bit longer than that, but he could fight at one of these small shows. We’ll see how he looks, and I don’t know.”

But since that time, Hardy has dominated opponents in 32, 96 and 14 seconds.

Hardy made headlines in 2014, when he was convicted on charges of domestic violence.. He appealed, seeking a jury trial, but the case was dismissed in February 2015, when his accuser stopped cooperating with authorities.Then on September 26, 2016, Hardy was arrested for cocaine possession in Dallas, Texas.

Sources say Dana White and UFC are being true to his word and looking into the possibility of signing him.

F-NYC take:
I’m all for second chances, if the person deserves. UFC will catch grief for signing him, but a man has a right to move on with his life. Innocent or guilty, I hope his troubles are behind him and he progresses enough to get an opportunity.

If not, I am sure Scott Coker and Viacom would love to have him as part of their newly invigorated heavyweight division at Bellator.

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You can see images from Hardy’s fight last night courtesy of Dallas News below: