Jon Jones at Bellator, Askren on Dana’s “habits” & Bones tells haters to …

Jon Jones tell haters to “suck one”

F-NYC take:
I never understand giving haters, trolls and those that wake-up in the morning and immediate;ly think “How can I be negative on the internet today?” any time. But that said, Jon brought the negativity to himself and must understand the position he put himself in.

Ben Askren and UFC on Fox Tweets


F-NYC take:

Very weird tweet by UFConFOX. For those that are unaware, Ben Askren and Dana White/UFC have never seen eye to eye and that has prevented the elite fighter from ever entering the Octagon. But, please tell us more about Dana’s “bad habits” Ben … 😉

Jon Jones attends Bellator event

F-NYC take:

The man who gets hate tweets every time UFC fighter Jon Jones does anything negative has become a celebrity in MMA circles. Now what is with the hand-wrap? training for MMA Jon … I mean Jon … well not that Jon, but the other Jon?

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