F-NYC’s MMA Round-Up – Fighter Safety: CT Scans, The Weird Bellator Weigh-In Controversy And Is Karyn Bryant Off-Base?

Several times per week I will share some insight from other members of the MMA Community and give my take.

Media Expectations And Why Karyn Bryant Is Off Base

Ryan Thomas takes a closer look at the expectations of media, as Karyn Bryant’s unsympathetic take highlights the worst part of an access journalist’s mentality.

F-NYC take:
An interesting piece by Ryan. I agree with him 100% that fighters health should be top priority. UFC fighters are available throughout fight week for press to reach out to them with an queries. If there is an urgent question that media needs to have an answer to, I feel waiting 15-60 minutes for a fighter to re-hydrate is not unreasonable.

I also know Ms. Bryant has never been known to be anything less than “fighter friendly’ and just think she didn’t choose her wording wisely.

I think she does an excellent job, but agree a fighter does not need to be swarmed by media at the morning weigh-in.

Good job by Ryan stated his side and again I won’t drag Ms. Bryant over the coals for this, but giving a fighter time is a reasonable request.

The FDA Introduces A New Testing Option To Reduce The Need For Patients To Go Through CT Scans

Whether it’d be pro-wrestling, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, or any contact sport, there is a chance that the athletes/competitors involved can get a concussion. The FDA sent out a press release on February 14th, revealing that there is a new form of testing that will reduce the need for CT Scans, preventing radiation exposure for patients.

F-NYC take:
Andrew Thompson article on brought this info to light (for me). No debate is necessary. Anything that helps a fighter’s health is a positive. I understand the “just bleed” types might not disagree, but I enjoy MMA as a pure art form and appreciate the fighters thatdo this for a living.

Safety first – entertainment after.

Heather Hardy, Mike Mazzulli explain their sides of odd weigh-in situation at Bellator 194

Matt Erickson reports on both sides of the weigh-in controversy with quotes from Heather Hardy and Mike Mazzulli, president of the Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation

F-NYC take:
Heather was 1/4 pound over the weight-limit. She still had her bikini on, which could have been the 1/4 pound. She said she was told she did not need to strip down to try another weigh-in sans bikini. Mazzulli argues he never authorized that and felt she was in too bad of shape to be given time to lose the weight.

Since Ms. Hardy felt she was good to go, she started the rehydration process immediately after getting off the scale.

Sadly whatever confusion cost her 20 percent of her purse and any potential win bonus.

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