Rockstar Spud Debuts As New 205 Live General Manager

Former Impact Wrestling Star Rockstar Spud made his WWE debut tonight as he was introduced by Daniel Bryan as the new GM for 205 Live.

Bryan says that in the summer of 2016, that Spud was part of the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic, and that it was his privilege to introduce “the man who will usher in a new era on 205 Live.”

Bryan also introduced Spud by his new WWE name, Drake Maverick.

Drake says he has worked his entire life and dedicated his career to stand in front of you in the WWE. He continues by saying that he is proud to be in the WWE and he is proud to be the General Manager of 205 Live. He says he is going to help out 205 Live.

Drake also announced plans to crown a new WWE Cruiserweight Champion. There will be a 16 Man Single Elimination Tournament that will culminate at Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans. Drake then says that the tournament starts tonight, and that there will be two first round matches on tonight’s show.