Matt Hardy Now Free To Use “Broken” Gimmick, Reason Why Anthem Is No Longer Pursuing Legally

It has been reported that Anthem Media will no longer be pursuing the “BROKEN” gimmick which they have been tied up in a legal battle over for months. This now gives Matt Hardy the opportunity to obtain the trademark and use it going forward.

Nick Hausman of Eric Bischoff’s Podcast stated that Impact made the decision to break off the pursuit of the gimmick they felt it was “negative financial and contractual issues” that Anthem was at fault for.

Matt Hardy has claimed that when Impact was seeking to gain control of the “BROKEN” gimmick that he was free to use it due to the contracts they signed not correctly stipulating Impact Wrestling’s ownership. Anthem Media and Matt & Reby Hardy had been engaged in a heated battle on twitter for months. It now appears that Impact and Anthem Media have put their issues behind them.