Sexy Star Once Again Shoots On Her Opponent During Match

It is being reported that Lucha Underground’s Sexy Star has once again gone into business for herself during a match in Mexico. This of course isn’t the first time something like this has happened, there was a lot of heat on here recently for an incident where she intentionally injured Rosemary during a match.

During her match against Diosa Quetzal for Lucha Libre MDA, Sexy Star was apparently took a kick to the face, no sold the move and then fired back with a barrage of stiff kicks and punches to Quetzal. A cameraman who was covering the show told that it was not just a reaction to the kick, that Sexy Star was acting out the entire match.

“I was there ringside taking pictures for the website I work for; and I can tell you, she was like that all match. It didn’t start w/the kick from Diosa Quetzal, her kick was kind of a receipt for everything she took before.”

You can see the incident in the videos below: