Who Was Behind The Idea That WWE Should Bring Back Starrcade?

PWInsider has reported that Michael PS Hayes was the one with the idea to bring back Starrcade as a WWE Branded Live Event. Hayes reportedly pitched the idea to Vince back in June when he realized that they had booked a live event in Greensboro over Thanksgiving Weekend. McMahon approved on the idea, and they made the announcement several months later about the return of Starrcade.

Duties fell on Hayes to be in charge of writing and booking the show, and he focused on names that were important to the market during the Jim Crockett Promotions Era. It’s being said that they never had plans to air Starrcade as a special on the WWE Network, however they did film the event for their video library to use at a later date.

It is also being reported that Saturday’s Event did great numbers, the best that WWE has had in the Greensboro market in some time apparently. Due to the tremendous response they had from the event on social media as well as ticket sales, it is believed that WWE will bring back the event next year.