ROH TV – 11/25/17 – Results

ROH 11/25/17 TV
Taped: 10/20/17
2300 Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This week’s ROH TV was the fourth episode from the television tapings after Global Wars at the 2300 Arena (Formerly know as the ECW Arena) in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ian Riccaboni and Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana are on commentary tonight and welcome us to the show.

The show kicks off with a backstage promo from The Bullet Club talking about their upcoming match later in the show against Flip Gordon’s team.

Winner Earns a Spot in ROH World TV Title Match At Final Battle
Silas Young vs. Jonathan Gresham

Kenny King is out and has joined Cabana and Riccaboni on commentary, he wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Match starts as Young and Gresham locked up, but the Beer City Bruiser is there to grab Gresham’s leg in the corner. This allows Silas Young the opportunity to smash Gresham’s face into the top turnbuckle. Nice sequence between the two, which ends in a near fall only to be broken up by The Beer City Bruiser. BCB now has a keg, and he slides it into the ring which distracts referee Paul Turner and breaks up Gresham’s octopus submission. Gresham later looks to connect from the top rope with a high risk maneuver, only to be slowed down by the Beer City Bruiser. This gives Silas Young a chance to recover and hits Misery for the pinfall victory.

Post match, the commentary team confirmed that the match at Final Battle will be Silas Young vs. Punishment Martinez vs. Shane Taylor vs. defending champion, Kenny King.

Winner: Silas Young

Next is a video package highlighting the story and issues between The Briscoe Brothers and Bully Ray.

War Machine vs. ???

Before War Machine can even make it to the ring for their match, they are jumped by Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Hanson and Rowe turned the tables on Daniels and Kazarian, however. A wild spot happens as Rowe goes to throw Kazarian into the barricade much like a lawn dart, but he over shots the throw and tosses Kazarian right into the face of a fan sitting ringside. The fan stands up and the crowd reacts as his nose is busted and blood flows down his face. The Addiction has had enough, and high-tails it out of the arena through the crowd. The fan that was bleeding is actually a Monster Factory Pro Wrestler named Riley Shepard, who knows if this will come up later in the storyline.

Winner: No Contest

Next up is a new edition of Coleman’s Pulpit, with Caprice Coleman. His guest this week is once again Kenny King. This time however, the two did not have a friendly exchange. Coleman tells King that ROH is only using him to mooch off of his Bachelorette fame. Coleman even calls Kenny King a pimp for using his daughter to make money. Coleman then challenges King to a ROH TV Title Match in Florida.

Main Event:
Flip Gordon, Coast to Coast & Scorpio Sky vs.
Bullet Club (Adam Page, Marty Scurll & The Young Bucks)

Jay Lethal joins in on commentary for this match. LSG starts off against Marty Scurll, they exchange wrist locks back and forth showing off their ability to reverse the hold. Cody is up and celebrating on the ring apron. Head Referee Todd SInclair tosses ROH World Champion Cody from ringside before Cody even has a chance to interfere in the match. Matt Jackson is tagged in and asks Gordon for a handshake, which he declines. Nick Jackson and Flip Gordon are now tagged in, and the two put on a flippy move fest here. Eventually, Nick offers up a handshake, but while he looks to the crowd for advice on what he should do, this gives Matt the chance to sneak in with a mic and take his brother’s place.

From here things break down and everyone takes a turn in the ring. Page hits an amazing dropkick moonsault and then follows it up with another moonsault to the outside on Coast to Coast. The Bucks follow this up with Rise of the Terminators, and encourage Marty Scurll to try it himself, but Gordon catches him square in the face with a superkick before launching himself off the top rope to the outside onto a pile of opponents. The action finds its way back inside, and the Bullet Club hits repeated clotheslines on Scorpio Sky in the corner, with Scurll comically being the only member who is not able to connect, as he keeps getting caught with a boot to the face.

The finish comes when The Bullet Club hit a Rite of Passage/Indy Taker on Scorpio Sky and Flip Gordon earning them the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Bullet Club