NXT Review (July 9, 2024)

On July 9th, 2024 NXT aired their latest episode of NXT live in Orlando Florida inside the WWE Performance Center & its the 1st show after Heatwave.

-Kicking off this week’s NXT with a recap of Heatwave.

-NXT Champion Ethan Page gloats about being the new NXT Champion and says it only took him 6 weeks to take over NXT. He says that it takes several traits to be able to accomplish such but the biggest thing is having a big ego. He says everyone likely hates him and that includes the entire NXT locker room. He explains that the security he brought with him was to protect him against any member of the NXT roster looking to attack him.

-Oro Mensah appears at ringside looking to blindside Page, but security prevents him from doing so. Page thanks Ava for banning Mensah from Heatwave and allowing him to win the NXT Title in Toronto Ontario, Canada. He promises to keep any outsiders from coming to NXT to ruin what they have on the brand as the new NXT Champion, then says while the saying might go We Are NXT that’s not true because he is NXT.

-Trick Williams’ music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He admits Page dethroned him as NXT Champion fair and square but warns him that he’s coming for his rematch. He demands to have his rematch for the NXT Title tonight but instead of responding to the challenge, Page thanks Williams for inadvertently helping him become the new NXT Champion. Page then tells Williams that he’s no longer the guy in NXT because he is and says he’s not granting him his rematch.

-Shawn Spears’ music hits and he makes his way out. He tells Page that he owes him a thank you for helping him become the new NXT Champion and tells Williams that he’s goofy for running his mouth about him for some time. He says it must suck for Williams to have lost the NXT Title without being pinned, then says Williams should go to the back of the line.

-Je Von Evans’ music hits and he makes his way out. Evans says he was close to winning the NXT Title and says he’s not waiting for Spears or Page to get another shot at the title. Williams & Evans then begin brawling with Page & Spears and send them crashing out of the ring. They stand tall as referees make their way out to separate the 4 men.

Karmen Petrovic vs. Arianna Grace

Match starts off with a lock up before Arianna Grace lands a shoulder tackle on Karmen Petrovic but Petrovic hits a hair whip to her and connects with a lariat.

Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx make their way out as Petrovic wears Grace down with a submission hold.

Grace then wears Petrovic down with a submission of her own but Petrovic escapes and lands a jawbreaker.

She follows it up with a kick and trips Grace then connects with a roundhouse kick on her for the win.

Winner: Karmen Petrovic

-After the match Fallon Henley attacks Petrovic and connects with a suplex on her. She fires off right hands on her and lands a kick before raining down forearms on her.

-We then head over to a video showing Brooks Jensen meeting with Ava about his recent behavior in her office. Jensen apologizes for his actions and says he’s not there to make excuses. He says he wishes he could take it all back and Ava tells him as a wrestler, he needs to be able to push through all the highs and lows. She tells Jensen that herself & Shawn Michaels were ready to release him but says a few people vouched for him and they ultimately decided against it. Ava tells Jensen he’s a WWE Superstar 24/7 and they shake hands.

Heritage Cup Title Match
Tony D’Angelo (c) vs. Lexis King

Round 1

Match starts off with a lock up before Tony D’Angelo lands a shoulder tackle on Lexis King but King steps over D’Angelo.

D’Angelo whips King into the corner and connects with a back body drop then locks in an arm submission on him. King catches D’Angelo with a dropkick then hits a couple of chops on him.

D’Angelo lands a chop of his own and looks to cinch in a Boston Crab but King fights his way out of it.

D’Angelo locks in the hold as the round comes to a close but King refuses to tap out.

Round 2

King becomes distracted by Eddy Thorpe & this opens the door for D’Angelo to land Fuhgeddaboudit to score a fall.

D’Angelo 1-0

Round 3

After the break D’Angelo fires off right hands on King’s midsection and hits a suplex.

King runs D’Angelo over and hits The Coronation to him to score a fall as Round 3 comes to a close.

King 1-1

Round 4

King lands a kick on D’Angelo in the corner then fires off stomps on him then connects with a clothesline.

D’Angelo hits King then hits a pair of belly 2 belly suplexes to him before King rolls up D’Angelo but D’Angelo kicks out. King lands a back elbow on D’Angelo before they teeter on the ropes.

King pushes D’Angelo off and delivers a DDT off the middle rope then goes for a pin but D’Angelo kicks out. D’Angelo looks to send King crashing into the mat but King counters into a roll up.

D’Angelo kicks out and hits a spinebuster to King for the win.

Winner & Still Heritage Cup Champion: Tony D’Angelo (R4) (2-1) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)

-We then head backstage and see Brooks Jensen attacking Je Von Evans then Josh Briggs asks Jensen what he’s doing after he stuck his neck out for him and officials check on Evans.

-After the break we see Ridge Holland approach Chase U looking to make it up to them for helping them cheat. He tells Thea Hail he got her a match later tonight against Izzi Dame in an effort to get one step closer to another shot at the Women’s Title and tells Duke Hudson he got him a North American Title against Oba Femi next week.

Tag Team Match
Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. Tyson Dupont & Tyriek Igwe

Tyriek Igwe & Tyson Dupont attacks Gallus on the ramp and both teams begin brawling.

Tyson DuPont & Mark Coffey get inside the ring and the bell sounds then DuPont fires off right hands on Mark and catches him with an uppercut.

Igwe tags in and lands a double shoulder tackle on Mark with DuPont.

Igwe runs over Mark with a boot then connects with a dropkick on him and tags in Wolfgang.

Gallus double teams on Igwe & Wolfgang whips Igwe into the corner.

Mark clotheslines him from the apron while the referee is distracted and Wolfgang follows it up with a bodyslam. Mark & DuPont tag in and DuPont lands a shoulder tackle on Mark.

He lands a dropkick on Wolfgang and one on Mark then hits a sidewalk slam on Mark and follows it up with a splash. Igwe tags in and runs the ropes but Joe Coffey low bridges him out of the ring.

This opens the door for Gallus to land their finisher for the win.

Winners: Gallus

-We then head backstage and see Trick Williams chat with Kelly Kincaid about his upcoming tag team match against Shawn Spears & Ethan Page given that Brooks Jensen attacked his tag team partner Je Von Evans earlier tonight. Joe Hendry briefly appears on the screen behind them.

-After the break Wes Lee says he’s had a rough couple days and says he believed he could dethrone Oba Femi as North American Champion at Heatwave. He admits that Femi was the better man but that match wasn’t the only thing he put everything into. He says that when he was recovering from his spine injury a few months back, imagining the success he would have upon his return got him through it. He says that’s not how things turned out and says he doesn’t know where to go now that he can’t challenge Femi for the North American Title as long as he holds it.

-Lee says he’s been beaten before, but it’s never been like this. He says he has to be honest with fans and himself then says he thinks it might be time to step away.

-MSK’s music hits and Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel. Lee asks Wentz & Miguel what they’re doing in NXT and Wentz says both them and fans don’t want to see Lee leave. Miguel tells Lee that he and Wentz have missed him and Lee tells Wentz & Miguel he’s proud of what they’ve accomplished in TNA Wrestling. Wentz & Miguel say they know and Wentz tells Lee that he’s the greatest North American Champion of all time. Miguel says MSK was the best tag team in NXT history before Wentz proposes a reunion of both MSK & The Rascalz to Lee. Lee accepts then hugs Wentz & Miguel.

Thea Hail vs. Izzi Dame

Thea Hail lands a couple kicks on Izzi Dame’s thigh before Dame knocks her over then hits a kick to her that sends her crashing out of the ring.

Hail connects with an arm drag on Dame but Dame sends her crashing into the corner and fires off kicks on her in the corner. She follows it up with a backbreaker on Hail and locks in a crossface on her.

Tatum Paxley appears at ringside and Dame sends her bouncing off the ring apron face first.

Dame charges at Paxley but Paxley moves out of the way to send Dame crashing into the ring post shoulder first and Hail surprises her with a tope suicida.

She gets her back in the ring then hits a crossbody off the top rope.

She follows it up with a variation on a splash and a swinging neckbreaker then hits a codebreaker on her arm and cinches in Kimura Lock on her & Dame taps out.

Winner By Submission: Thea Hail

-After the match Oba Femi appears at ringside and tells Duke Hudson he’ll destroy him next week in their North American Title match. Hudson warns Femi to not underestimate him and says it will be his pleasure to dethrone Femi as North American Champion.

-We then head backstage to The Rascalz where Gallus confronts them. 

Tag Team Match
Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) vs. OTM (Lucien Price & Bronco Nima)

Luke Gallows fires off strikes on Bronco Nima then hits a suplex to him then charges at him.

Nima moves out of the way then connects with a delayed vertical suplex.

Gallows fires off boots on Nima in the corner, then tags in Karl Anderson.

Nima sends Anderson crashing into the corner then tags in Lucien Price.

OTM hits a double back elbow to Anderson but Anderson fires off chops on Price’s chest.

Price catches Anderson with a chokeslam then lands a clothesline on him in the corner and tags in Nima.

Nima hits Anderson with a forearm then tags in Price. Price fires off a right hand on Anderson’s midsection. Gallows tags back in and levels Price.

He connects with a boot on him then whips him into the corner and lands a splash.

Gallows lands a splash on Price in the corner and Good Brothers lands an assisted neckbreaker on Price.

Anderson pins Prince but Nima breaks the fall.

Michin makes her way down to the ring through the crowd and confronts Parker as Officials run down to keep them separated.

This opens the door for Nima to land a kick on Anderson’s spine from the apron while the referee is looking away. Nima then tags in and OTM hits an assisted spinebuster for the win.

Winners: OTM

-No Quarter Catch Crew stuffed Damon Kemp in a trunk as Wren Sinclair spotted them in the parking lot. She pretended not to see anything and they drove away.

Sol Ruca vs. Fallon Henley

Match starts off with a lock up then they take turns locking in submissions on one another before Fallon Henley mocks Sol Ruca.

Ruca lands a dropkick on Henley then follows it up with a facebuster and goes for a pin.

Henley kicks out and lands a few kicks on Ruca then sends her crashing into the top turnbuckle.

She sends her crashing into the adjacent turnbuckle but Ruca sends Henley crashing into one of the other turnbuckles. Henley hits a single leg dropkick to Ruca and pins her but Ruca kicks out.

Henley then locks in a shoulder submission on Ruca but Ruca escapes by rolling Henley up.

Henley kicks out and Ruca hits a pair of springboard crossbodies to level her.

She lands a kick on her head from the apron and looks to fly but Henley trips her and hits a Sling Blade.

Ruca connects with a dropkick on Henley then follows it up with Sol Snatcher then pins Henley but Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx shows up & attacks Ruca for the DQ.

Winner By DQ: Sol Ruca

-After the match Nyx & Jayne continue to beat down Ruca & Nyx lands a Pele Kick on Ruca.

-NXT Anonymous spotted Tatum Paxley yelling at a doll while pretending they were Izzi Dame. Paxley severed its head before Wendy Choo scooped it up.

-We then head backstage and see Brooks Jensen talking to an unseen person behind a closed door.

-After the break we see Ava, Stevie Turner & Cedric Alexander emerge from Ava’s office. Ava then reveals the 3 of them had a meeting and Alexander is now an official member of the NXT roster. Mr. Stone then walks in and tells Ava that he got them both a meeting with Ashante Thee Adonis and they make their way into Ava’s office.

Tag Team Match
NXT Champion Ethan Page & Shawn Spears vs. Trick Williams & Joe Hendry

Trick Williams wastes no time as he fires off right hands on Page and drags Spears into the ring then fires off right hands on Spears in the corner. Williams hits a splash to Ethan Page then tags in Joe Hendry.

Williams & Hendry hits a double back elbow to Page before Hendry sends Spears crashing into the mat face first and hits a delayed vertical suplex to Page.

He clotheslines Page out of the ring then tags in Williams & he hits a double crossbody off the ropes to Page & Spears on the outside as we go to a break.

After the break Hendry rocks Page with a couple uppercuts before Page lands a kick on Hendry then hits a DDT to him.

Spears tags in and rains down right hands on Hendry then lands a stomp on his hand and connects with a chop.

Page tags back in and fires off right hands on Hendry’s midsection before Hendry lands a couple chops on Page then hits him with a vertical suplex and tags in Williams.

Williams hits Page with a pair of leg lariats then lands one on Spears before Page hits Williams with a uranage then tags in Spears.

Page lands a shoulder tackle on Williams off the apron then dumps him back inside the ring.

Spears hits a neckbreaker to Williams and goes for a pin but Williams kicks out.

Page tags in and hits a double suplex to Williams with Spears then Page goes for a pin but Williams kicks out. Spears becomes legal and lands a pair of chops on Williams.

He gets Williams up on his shoulders but Williams escapes and hits a neckbreaker.

Page looks to drag Spears to the corner so he can tag in but Oro Mensah blindsides him with an attack.

Page retreats through the crowd leaving Spears alone in the ring.

Williams makes the hot tag to Hendry and Hendry lands a fallaway slam on Spears.

He sends him crashing out of the ring and Williams hits Trick Shot on him while Hendry distracts the referee then Hendry hits Standing Ovation for the win.

Winners: Trick Williams & Joe Hendry

Next Week’s NXT

-North American Title Match
Oba Femi (c) vs. Duke Hudson

-6 Man Tag Team Match
The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz, Trey Miguel & Wes Lee) vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey & Wolfgang)

-Brooks Jansen vs. Je Von Evans

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