H20 Wrestling 8 FN Years Night 1 Results (June 22nd)

H20 Wrestling aired the 1st Night of 8 FN Years at the H20 Wrestling Center in Williamstown New Jersey & we got 3 title matches on this show.

Mixed Tag Team Death Match
Kennedi Hardcastle & GG Everson defeated Jess Moss & KillDozer (8:36)

8 Man Tag Team Match
President’s Cabinet (Braxx, Johnny Radex & President Hawkins, Jonny Radex & Braxx) & Erron Wade defeated Hybrid Champion Cecilio Vega, JB Anderson, Kody Manhorn & TJ Reno (12:18)

H20 Tag Team Titles Match
The Twos (Donny Luv & Frank Bonetti) defeated The Michigan Pillars (Malcolm Monroe III & Tommy Vendetta) (c) (13:03) (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!!)

Death Match
Jimmy Lyon defeated Alex Stretch (12:41)

Tag Team Match
Completely Unstoppable Machines (Louie Jr & Louie Ramos) defeated The South Street Survivors (Brian Neil & Duncan Aleem) (13:48)

Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Saw Reborn Death Match
Neil Diamond Cutter (c) defeated Anthraxx (13:09) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)

H20 Heavyweight Title Dog Collar Match
Deklan Grant defeated Austin Luke (c) (NEW CHAMPION!!!)