Grayson Waller Reveals The Meaning Behind His Ring Name

Grayson Waller reveals why he chose his name.

Before being known all over the world as Grayson Waller in the WWE. Waller was known in Australia as Matty Wahlberg, but when he arrived in NXT during the start of the 2.0 era, that is when Waller became a reality.

Waller revealed the reason why he chose the ring name that he currently has which you can read in the full quote below.

“The cool thing about NXT that people online don’t seem to know, cause they always complain about the NXT names, is that we get to have some say in our names. We basically get to put forward names, which I think is a really cool thing. So, the next time you’re on Twitter/X complaining about someone’s name, just know they probably chose it,” Waller told Danny Stone & Adam Cailler of the Daily Star“For me, Waller was something that I wanted, something close to Wahlberg to connect to my Australian indie roots. Then, there’s a player in the NBA called Grayson Allen and I think he’s an encapsulation of what Grayson Waller is. He spits on people, he trips people over, that type of vibe. So at the time I felt like Grayson was a perfect fit for me here, and I think its worked quite well.”

Known as one of the dirtiest players in college and the NBA, Grayson Allen has racked up plenty of fines and suspensions which Waller is a huge fan of with his troublemaking attitude.

h/t to Fightful for the transcription.

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