Mayu Iwatani Admits She Had Considered Leaving STARDOM for Marigold At One Point

Mayu Iwatani, who is arguably the ace of STARDOM, had considered leaving the company she has been an integral part of for her entire 13 year career for Rossy Ogawa’s new Marigold promotion.

While Iwatani ultimately decided not to depart STARDOM, she explained in a recent interview with Samurai TV why the thoughts of joining Marigold entered her mind.

I, myself even thought about transferring at one point. On top of that, I had many conversations with Ogawa-san and the current president, (Taro) Okada-san. The answer I finally came to was that if Uta (Utami Hayashishita) and Giulia were gone, and Ogawa-san and Mayu Iwatani were gone, STARDOM would no longer be STARDOM. I have to properly repay the favor to the company that has allowed me to work there for 13 years. I also owe a lot to Ogawa-san, but I think I have been able to repay him by working hard up until now. So, from now on, I will properly give back to the company. As long as I am there, STARDOM will remain STARDOM. It was really something I thought on my own, but after talking with Okada-san about it, I decided to stay.”

Mayu Iwatani (Translation courtesy of meraWRESTLING)

Iwatani also discussed what was running through her mind about the turmoil that led to the formation of Ogawa’s Marigold promotion:

“Through all the turmoil over the past few months, I was feeling sick every day, thinking, “I said I was going here, but what if my feelings change again? I hate myself like this! It doesn’t make sense anymore!” and when I watch their (Marigold’s) press conference, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I had gone. But I was busy and hectic every day, going home to sleep, getting up the next day to prepare, going to work… and as I was doing that, I was able to stop thinking about unnecessary things and enjoy each task, and now I’m able to concentrate on what I’m doing. Being busy isn’t so bad, and I thought that maybe I’m actually better suited to being busy. I’ve always thought of pro wrestling as my calling, so it’s not a hardship for me. Of course I’m tired, and I’m in pain, but I’m not doing something I don’t like. I’m just doing what I love, and it’s become my job, so I can work hard even with a busy schedule. That being said, it would be nice if I could take about three days off after the big match.”

Mayu Iwatani (Translation courtesy of meraWRESTLING)

Mayu Iwatani made her STARDOM debut back in January 2011. She is the current IWGP Women’s Champion, a title she had held since April 23rd 2023.

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