WWE NXT Superstar Return Teased During 5/21 Episode

It appears that someone long absent from NXT is making a return. During the pre-taped 5/21 episode, a segment aired that hinted at the comeback of Wendy Choo. The promo featured a scene resembling someone waking up from a long nap, which fits perfectly with Choo’s signature thermos-sipping, nap-loving gimmick. This tease suggests that her pajama-wearing antics are likely to return soon, much to the excitement of fans.

The potential return of Wendy Choo is particularly thrilling for NXT enthusiasts. Known for her quirky persona and entertaining segments, Choo has been a fan favorite. Her unique character, often seen in pajamas and sipping from a thermos, brings a distinctive flavor to the NXT roster. The recent promo has undoubtedly sparked anticipation among viewers who have missed her presence on Tuesday nights.

Wendy Choo has been off NXT television for quite some time. In February 2023, she suffered an unspecified injury and was written off the show through an angle that depicted her being attacked in a parking lot. This storyline allowed her the necessary time to recuperate. Fans have been eagerly awaiting her return, and it seems that the long wait is finally coming to an end.

Choo made her comeback from injury in April 2024 at an NXT Level Up taping, where she faced Wren Sinclair. This marked her first appearance in over a year, signaling her readiness to rejoin the main NXT roster. Her return to in-ring action was a significant moment, hinting at her imminent reappearance on regular NXT programming.

With the recent promo suggesting Wendy Choo’s full return, fans can look forward to seeing her quirky and entertaining segments once again. Her character adds a unique and fun element to NXT, and her return will likely bring a fresh wave of excitement to the show. The anticipation is high, and it seems the wait is finally over for Wendy Choo’s return to NXT.