The Rock’s WWE WrestleMania 41 Plans Are ‘Written In Pencil’

Brian Gewirtz recently discussed The Rock’s potential plans for WrestleMania 41. Dwayne Johnson has already expressed his intention to return to WWE and face the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes, making his ambitions clear well in advance. Many fans are eager to see this match happen.

Following WrestleMania XL, The Rock informed Cody Rhodes that their story wasn’t finished and handed him something significant. During WrestleMania XL, The Rock pinned Cody in a tag team match on night one, while Cody went on to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Title from Roman Reigns on night two.

Speaking on The Masked Man Show, Seven Bucks SVP Brian Gewirtz was asked about his plans for the period between January and April 2025.

“Nothing happens until they step through the curtain and it happens. There are so many variables, a lot of things can happen and not happen. There is stuff that is written in pencil and stuff people might want or not want. If we get to run it back for WrestleMania 41, I’d be thrilled. I’d love to do it and be part of it. It’d be great. I want to get back into it with Cody’s dog. People are like, ‘How can you say that. He’s a good boy.’ Of course he’s a good boy. Everyone knows he’s a good boy. He’s just a stupid dog, that’s all I’m saying. There are smart dogs and dogs that are not so bright. Pharaoh is not so bright, but he’s certainly a good boy. I would love to get back into all that stuff. If that phone call happens and we’re thinking about the same person [The Rock], I’d be extremely thrilled to run it back,” he said.

While The Rock’s role as The Final Boss has stirred some controversy, that was his intention. Only time will tell if he gets the match against Cody Rhodes, especially after missing out on a match against Roman Reigns due to vocal fans, dubbed the “Cody Crybabies.”