Vince McMahon Wants To Avoid Harvey Weinstein Comparisons With Janel Grant Lawsuit

Vince McMahon intends to continue forward in the business world, which may explain his conduct regarding Janel Grant’s lawsuit. He is still doing everything he can to discredit his accuser’s story.

Recently, McMahon filed a motion making a series of claims against Grant, which she seeks to have struck from the record. McMahon’s legal team has called Grant’s efforts the “height of hypocrisy.”

McMahon is represented in these proceedings by Kasowitz Benson Torres. McMahon claimed he was Janel Grant’s “best friend.” On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed McMahon’s claims, stating that Grant was a willing participant in their relationship.

Meltzer said, “They need to rehabilitate his image to where he can do business as a businessman because that’s what he wants to do. Whether it’s wrestling, which apparently from what I’m told it’s not wrestling, but he absolutely wants to do something.”

If McMahon is able to re-establish himself in the business world post-Grant lawsuit, it is not expected to be as part of WWE or pro wrestling at all. This was already established, but McMahon still wants to get involved in other business matters. Since his exit from WWE in January 2024, McMahon’s only business-related actions have involved selling stock in TKO Group Holdings.

The problem for Vince is that nobody would want to work with him with this black cloud of a lawsuit hanging over his head. McMahon has listed all his TKO stock for sale, and there is said to be no one left defending him in the company.

Former allies in WWE have stopped defending McMahon. He hopes to avoid being compared to Harvey Weinstein. Meltzer noted, “He doesn’t want to be Harvey Weinstein. The only way he can do that is to make it look like and portray it as this crazy, lying woman. ‘I absolutely had an affair with Janel Grant, but all that stuff that she said … every single bit of it is not true.'”

WWE and John Laurinaitis, also named as defendants, have sided with McMahon in his efforts to compel arbitration. We will have to see how things end for everyone involved in this lawsuit. There will be many more updates to come, and Vince is not finished fighting these allegations to the best of his ability.