Damian Priest Signed New Multi-Year WWE Contract Months Ago

Damian Priest recently renewed his contract with WWE, ensuring his stay with the organization for an extended period. Additionally, Priest has also signed with Paradigm Talent Agency.

In the exhilarating aftermath of clinching the World Heavyweight Title, Damian Priest shared exhilarating news during a post-WWE Raw interview with Cathy Kelley. With the palpable excitement still hanging in the air, Priest revealed that he had freshly inked a new deal with WWE. According to Fightful Select, this agreement was secured in the nick of time, barely days before his previous contract was set to expire in February, bringing the high-stakes negotiations to a dramatic close just under the wire.

Sources from WWE painted a picture of unwavering confidence in Priest’s future with the company. They revealed that WWE had been intent on keeping the superstar in their ranks all along, engaging in prolonged discussions well before the ink dried on the new, multi-year contract that would ensure Priest’s thrilling exploits continued under the WWE banner.

Adding a personal touch to his victorious saga, Priest was granted full autonomy over his new theme song—a move that has resonated positively within the organization. This creative freedom allowed Priest to further cement his unique brand and identity in the wrestling world, enhancing his presence every time he steps into the arena to the tune of his self-chosen anthem.

Following Priest’s contract renewal, WWE has made significant changes to their talent relations structure, marked by the departure of Dan Ventrelle as their VP of talent.