Cameron Grimes Released Surprised Those In WWE

Cameron Grimes was recently released from WWE and people are surprised.

His release was something he announced on April 23 after being informed by the company. Despite other outlets reporting the end of releases, Fightful Select has not confirmed that this round of cuts is complete or whether more are forthcoming. Along with Grimes, WWE released Von Wagner, Saurav, Veer, Jinder Mahal, Xia Li, and Xyon Quinn.

Grimes’ release came as a surprise to many within WWE for several reasons. His skills and achievements did not align with the typical profile of those usually let go. He had been successful in NXT, showing continuous improvement in the ring over his more than five-year tenure with WWE. Additionally, his presence at last week’s Smackdown and regular appearances on TV, even when not scheduled to compete, added to the unexpected nature of his release.

Grimes is anticipated to be in high demand on the independent circuit, with many top independent promotions already expressing interest in booking him.