Yota Tsuji Denounces NJPW’s Decision To Allow Powerhouse Hobbs To Challenge For The IWGP World Heavyweight Title, Says AEW Has No Respect for IWGP

On April 24, the current IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and AEW superstar Jon Moxley will defend his title for the first time against another AEW star Powerhouse Hobbs in a match scheduled for AEW Dynamite. New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Yota Tsuji has let it be known that he is against Powerhouse Hobbs getting an opportunity at NJPW’s top championship.

While speaking with Tokyo Sports, Tsuji was highly critical of Hobbs being the first to get an opportunity at Moxley’s recently won IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. Tsuji found it confusing that Hobbs who has never wrestled in NJPW and literally has no connection to the promotion is suddenly getting an IWGP Title opportunity.

Where was the value of the IWGP? If Moxley has agreed to be the champion, then he certainly has the right to fight for the title. The problem is that New Japan Pro-Wrestling didn’t say anything about it. What is that feeling? I wonder if they don’t feel any discomfort with that. I feel nothing but disgust and displeasure.

Yota Tsuji (Translated from Tokyo Sports via

Tsuji then wondered what the point of having New Japan Cup or G1 Climax tournaments are if anyone such as Hobbs can get an IWGP Title Opportunity. In addition, Tsuji made the claim that AEW has no respect for the IWGP.

Then what are the NJC and G1 for? He may be a great fighter, but it’s strange that a fighter who has no connection to New Japan and has never been to New Japan is suddenly challenging for the top belt, even if he doesn’t win the NJC. I wonder if he has a visa. Even if he were to win the belt, would he be able to come to Fukuoka? I wonder how long they’ll continue to be beholden to AEW, which has no respect for the IWGP. We are lowering the value of the pinnacle by ourselves, and I think we have to break out of this situation.

Yota Tsuji (Translated from Tokyo Sports via

Back in March 2024, Yota Tsuji won the New Japan Cup tournament and earned a shot at then IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Tetsuya Naito. Tsuji defeated five top NJPW stars en route to his New Japan Cup victory and IWGP Title opportunity.

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