Strange QR Codes Appearing To Hype Uncle Howdy’s Return On WWE RAW Continue

Uncle Howdy might be making a comeback, as WWE continues to build anticipation with new teases. The specifics are still unclear, but there is a strong possibility that Bo Dallas will make his return under the Uncle Howdy persona, potentially accompanied by a new stable.

During this week’s RAW, a new QR Code appeared on the screen, providing a mysterious and eerie surprise for fans who clicked on it. This has sparked curiosity and speculation among the audience.

As we wait to see what unfolds next, it’s important to note that Bo Dallas is still under contract with WWE.

This tactic of reintroducing characters through enigmatic teasers is reminiscent of how WWE brought back Bray Wyatt with the White Rabbit gimmick, which also made use of QR Codes to engage viewers.