Matt Hardy Talks TNA Wrestling Return – How & When It Happened, How Long He’ll Be Around, “Lights Out” Video

TNA Wrestling made some waves again with their PPV, this time it was Rebellion this past Saturday.

A video teasing “Lights Out” played at the end of the World Title contract signing/press conference last Thursday.

A fan asked Matt on X (Twitter) if he had signed a contract with TNA. Matt says he is a free agent.

Speaking on Busted Open yesterday morning, Matt Hardy discussed his appearance at TNA Rebellion.

“Very exciting. Last night was a very cool moment,” Matt Hardy said. ”I’m very grateful that I was given that opportunity, and it was a lot of fun. I want to say thank you to the great turnout that was in Las Vegas last night attending TNA Reb
ellion because they showed me lots and lots and lots of love, and I appreciate that.”

“As I said from day one, without the fan base, without the people that love Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy and the Hardys, there would be no us. So thank you for still supporting me three decades in.”

“As we said, I spoke with AEW, and I will preface it by saying I love AEW,” Matt Hardy said. “I love working with Tony Khan, he’s a great guy. My contract ended up expiring, and we hadn’t reached a deal yet. We’re still in the midst of talking. I literally, in the last week, I have talked to every promoter from every promotion that there is. So last night was me showing that pro wrestling can still be unpredictable. I popped up, this was done in a couple days’ notice.

“We kind of started talking about this on Wednesday, and this was when it materialized over a couple days, doing some shots for TNA and a little story arc. Pro wrestling is at its best when it’s unpredictable, and I went out last night, it’s so funny, the host of my podcast, Jon Alba, said I’m not gonna lie; this son of a gun kayfabed me. I didn’t tell anyone. My brother texted me this morning. It was like last night, and he goes to bed super early. He was like, ‘Oh my god, that was great last night. How’d it feel to be out there? That was killer.’ If you want to keep a secret, just keep a secret. Just go about your business and do your thing.”

“I think this thing that I’m gonna do with Moose and The System coming up over the next few weeks, I think it’s going to be a very interesting series,” Matt Hardy said. “They also really lured me in when they offered doing Broken Matt Hardy again and they said, ‘We’d love to do that.’ And also using some of House Hardy.”

“My wife, she’s in great shape right now, she’d be up for wrestling a match, she told me, and King Maxwell, Gothic Baby, and I feel like my wife could even utilize some of TNA stuff, she’s a social media influencer. She’s huge on TikTok right now. I think she could help boost the status and rep of TNA as well. So just selling my family and talking about a Hardy Compound appearance, that’s what sold me on these dates.”

Transcription from Colin Tessier of WrestleZone. Full article here.

At the end of the TNA World Title match, Moose was standing in the ring and the rest of The System made their way out from the back. Suddenly, the LIGHTS OUT video plays as the lights go out and it stays dark. A creepy but familiar laugh can be heard from the ring. When the lights go on, “Broken” Matt Hardy is standing inside the ring right behind Moose. Moose turns around to strike Hardy, Hardy kicks Moose in the gut and nails him with a Twist of Fate. Hardy picks up the World Title belt and holds it up in the air as the show ends.

Matt Hardy also stated that he would be at the TV tapings on April 21, as he would be kicking off the post-Rebellion episode of TNA IMPACT.

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