NXT Stand & Deliver Review: A Standout Show

NXT Stand & Deliver
Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Meta-Four (Noam Dar, Ora Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson) came out to start the show. They aired a highlight package hyping the NXT Stand & Deliver show. Meta-Four welcomed us to NXT Stand & Deliver. Vic Joseph, Booker T & Wade Barrett were on commentary. 

The War Dogs (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin) (c) vs. Axiom & Nathan Frazer for the NXT Tag Team Championship: Axiom and Frazer started quickly delivering a pair of topes to Breakker and Corbin before the match began. Axiom connected with a flying moonsault onto Breakker and Corbin on the floor. The match got underway as Axiom caught Breakker with a flying crossbody for a near fall. Frazer planted Corbin with a tornado DDT for two. The fans chanted for Corbin. Axiom and Frazer rocked Corbin with a double superkick for two. Corbin responded catching Axiom with a Northern Lights Bomb. Corbin took the lead planting Frazer with a Brainbuster for two. Breakker ran off the ropes with incredible speed rocking Axiom with a huge lariat. The crowd barked as Breakker did some Steiner Pushups. Axiom responded catching Breakker with a Spanish Fly coming off the ropes. Frazer ran wild rocking Corbin with a springboard dropkick. Frazer connected with a standing Shooting Star Press for two. Frazer went for a dive but Corbin moved out of the way. Corbin caught Frazer with a Deep Six. Axiom caught Breakker charging with Golden Ratio for a close two count. The fans chanted NXT. Breakker caught Axiom with a Super Frankenstiner. Corbin caught Axiom with a Sit-Out Powerbomb on the landing. Frazer came into the make the save. The fans chanted “This Is Awesome!” Breakker caught Frazer with a gut buster. Axiom stopped Breakker from climbing the ropes. Axiom planted Breakker with a Super Spanish Fly. Frazer followed hitting a Springboard 450 Splash but Breakker kicked out at two. Breakker caught Frazer with a Super Cutter. The crowd popped as Corbin connected with a Super Splash to Frazer for two. Axiom pulled Frazer as Breakker charged into the ring steps. Axiom nailed Corbin with a Golden Ratio. Frazer followed hitting a Phoenix Splash to Corbin but Breakker made the save. The fans chanted NXT. Corbin caught Axiom with End of Days. Corbin went for End of Days but Frazer escaped. This led to Breakker rocking Frazer with a huge spear. Corbin covered Frazer to retain the NXT Tag Team Titles in 11:25.

Meta-Four were standing outside Oba Femi locker room. Ora Mensah was the backstage reporter looking to get a word with Femi before his title match. Noam Dar was wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey.  Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson were dressed as Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Femi opened the locker room showing Menash aside. 

Knuckles mascot was shown standing in the front row behind Vic Jospeh, Booker T and Wade Barrett on commentary. 

Oba Femi (c) vs. Dijak vs. Josh Briggs in a Triple Threat NXT North American Championship Match: Briggs and Dijak began rocking Femi with strikes. Briggs and Dijak rocked Femi with a series of shoulder tackles. Femi caught Dijak going for a dive and dumped him onto Briggs. Femi launched a commentators chair into Briggs face. Dijak responded nailing Femi with a superkick. Briggs caught Dijak and launched him onto Femi who was seated on a commentary chair. The fans chanted “Holy S*it!” Briggs rocked Femi with a pair of running boots. Briggs and Dijak planted Femi with a double Chokeslam for two. Briggs planted Femi with a backdrop onto the ring apron. Briggs caught Dijak flying off the ropes with a boot for two. Briggs rocked Dijak with a huge lariat off the ropes. Dijak placed his foot on the ropes to stop the count. The action picked up with everyone exchanging big strikes. Dijak rocked Briggs with a Cyclone Boot for two. Djiak delivered a chokeslam but Briggs kicked out at one. Briggs went for a Chokeslam but Dijak countered into a Canadian Destroyer for two. The fans chanted NXT. Dijak carried Briggs on his shoulders up the ropes. The crowd popped as Femi appeared as he carried Dijak on his shoulders. Dijak delivered a super Death Valley Driver to Briggs of Femi’s shoulders. This was an awesome spot. Femi covered Briggs but Dijak made the save. The crowd chanted NXT. Dijak rocked Femi with a Cyclone Boot. Dijak followed hitting Feast Your Eyes on Femi. Briggs appeared delivering a flying moonsault onto Femi. Dijak sent Briggs to the floor. Dijak delivered a second Feast Your Eyes onto Femi. Dijak had the match won but Briggs pulled the referee to the floor. The crowd loudly booed. Dijak delivered a Tope Con Hilo onto Briggs on the floor. The fans chanted This Is Awesome. Briggs delivered a running shoulder tackle sending Femi crashing through the barricade. Dijak nailed Briggs with Feast Your Eyes on the floor. Dijak rocked Brigs with a second Feast Your Eyes. Dijak looked to have the match won. Femi grabbed Dijak. Femi delivered a Catch Powerbomb to Dijak onto Briggs. Femi covered Briggs to retain the NXT North American Title in 15:00. 

Meta-Four was backstage with Thea Hail, Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan. Chase U was also backstage. Noam Dar asked Thea Hail if she thought Jacy Jayne was actually her friend. Hail grabbed Dar and placed him in a Kimura Hold. 

Thea Hail (w/Chase U), Fallon Henley & Kelani Jordan vs. Kiana James, Izzy Dame & Jacy Jayne (w/Jasmyn Nyx): Thea Hail got a great reaction from the fans. James, Jayne and Dame started quickly attacking Hail, Henley and Jordan before the match began. Hail caught Dame with a flying crossbody. James caught Dame with a slingshot corkscrew splash to the floor. Hail went for a springboard Coffin Drop but Jayne moved out of the way. Riley Osborne caught Hail on the floor. Jordan planted Jayne with a handspring flatliner. James distracted Jordan who went to climb the ropes. This led to Dame tossing Jordan off the ropes. Dame went for a slingshot but Jordan landed on the turnbuckle. Dame caught Jordan flying off the ropes with a backbreaker. Dame went for sliding elbow but Jordan moved out of the way. Henley ran wild nailing Dame with House Call. Henley planted James with a snap suplex but Dame made the save. Jordan caught Henley with a Super Spanish Fly for two. James planted Henley with a reverse Slingblade. Jayne followed rocking Henley with a running knee strike. The crowd cheered as Hail made the save. Hail planted Dame with a tornado DDT. The fans cheered as Duke Hudson caught Hail after Dame launched her to the floor. This was cool getting a nice reaction from the crowd. Jordan connected with a flying moonsault onto Jordan and Dame on the floor. The fans cheered as Hail tagged into the match. Hail and Jayne exchanged big strikes. Hail sent Jayne flying with an Exploder Suplex. Jayne responded using Hail’s momentum sending her into the turnbuckle. James yanked Hail onto the ring apron. Dame tagged into the match. Dame went for a running boot but Hail ducked. Hail went for a tornado DDT but Dame blocked. Hail transitioned catching Dame in a Kimura Hold for the submission win in 11:41.

NXT GM Ava was backstage. Ava spoke about NXT having the best women’s division in professional wrestling. Ava announced they will soon be crowning the first ever NXT Women’s North American Champion. This got a big reaction.

We saw WWE newest signee Giulia ringside. Gulia got a huge reaction from the fans. Giulia was ringside with William Regal and former STARDOM owner Rossy Ogawa. 

Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women’s Championship: Roxanne got a strong heel reaction. The crowd was mixed toward Valkyria during the ring introduction. Valkyria’a arm was tapped coming into the match. Roxanne went for Valkyria quickly into the match. Valkyria went for a spin kick but Valkyria ducked. Roxanne went for a Hurricanrana but Valkyria landed on her feet. Valkyria took the lead nailing Roxanne with a slingshot dropkick. Valkyria followed sending Valkyria flying with a Woo Dropkick. Roxanne caught Valkyria with a flying stomp. Roxanne took control hitting a leg sweep for two. Roxanne pulled on Valkyria’s arm. Roxanne connected with a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Roxanne went for a seated arm scissors but Valkyria broke free. Valkyria went for a reverse crossbody but Roxanne rolled through. Roxanne and Valkyria connected with stereo crossbody. Valkyria battled back rocking Roxanne with combination kicks. Valkyria planted Roxanne with a pair of bridging Northern Lights Suplex. Valkyria went for a Fisherman’s Buster but her arm gave out. Valkyria showed her strength planting Roxanne with a Fisherman Buster for two. Roxanne and Valkyria exchanged slaps on the ropes. Valkyria went for a Sunset Bomb but Roxanne grabbed hold onto the ropes. Valkyria showed her strength planting Roxanne with a sit-out Powerbomb for two. Valkyira went for a dive but Roxanne nailed her with forearm smash. Roxanne battled back planting Valkyria with a flying tope/DDT combo on the floor. Roxanne followed hitting Pop Rocks but Valkyria kicked out for a great two count. Roxanne ran Valkyria’s arm into the ring post. Roxanne exposed the corner turnbuckle. Tatum Paxley appeared from the crowd. Roxanne shoved Valkyria into Paxley on the floor. Roxanne caught Valkyria with La Mistica. Roxanne transitioned into a Crossface but Valkyria broke free. Valkyria caught Roxanne with a spin kick for two. Valkyria went for a Super Splash but Roxanne moved out of the way. Roxanne called for Pop Rocks but Valkyria blocked. Roxanne and Valkyria exchanged pinning combinations for near falls. Valkyria sent Roxanne flying with a German Suplex. Valkyria called for Knight Cap but Roxanne countered into Poisonrana. Roxanne followed hitting Pop Rocks. Roxanne placed Valkyria in a Crossface. Valkyria tried to reach the ropes. Roxanne transitioned rolling Valkyria back to the middle of the ring. Roxanne fully locked Valkyria in the Crossface to win the NXT Women’s Title in 16:02.

  • We saw Giulia, William Regal and Rossy Ogawa seated ringside watching Roxanne celebrate with the NXT Women’s Title.

We saw a video package of Tony D’Angelo driving on the Philadelphia highway arriving to the Wells Fargo Arena. Tony D’Angelo came out with Stacks, Luca Crucifino & Adriana Rizzo. 

Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Tony D’Angelo (w/The Family) for the NXT Championship: Ilja Dragunov got a strong reaction. Dragunov’s hand was tapped up coming into the match. The match started quick as Dragunov suplex Tony as they both tumbled to the floor. Tony responded grabbing Dragunov as they both tumbled back to the floor. Dragunov and Tony exchanged big strikes. Dragunov caught Tony with a pair of German Suplex. Tony responded pulling on Dragunov’s injured hand. Tony planted Dragunov with a gut-wrench suplex for a near fall. Dragunov and Tony connected with stereo head butt as they both tumbled to the floor. Tony ducked as Dragunov chopped the ring post with his injured hand. Dragunov responded sending Tony crashing with a Death Valley Driver into the barricade. Dragunov planted Tony with a pair of German Suplex. Dragunov followed rocking Tony with a sliding knee for two. Dragunov launched Tony with a release Powerbomb. Dragunov called for the H-Bomb but Tony blocked. Tony refused to use the Brass Knuckles from Stacks. Tony went for a Spinebuster but Dragunov countered into a DDT for two. Dragunov grabbed Tony and taunted Stacks to do something. Tony told Stacks to stop. Dragunov kissed Tony on each cheek. This angered Tony as he made a comeback launching Dragunov with a pair of belly-to-belly suplex. Tony planted Dragunov with a Geman Suplex for two. Tony launched Dragunov with an avalanche overhead belly-to-belly suplex across the ring to the floor. Dragunov and Tony both removed the top of the commentary table. The crowd cheered as Dragunov and Tony exchanged strikes. Dragunov rocked Tony with an H-Bomb on the floor. Dragunov leaped off the barricade delivering a second H-Bomb sending Tony crashing through the commentary table. The fans chanted NXT and This Is Awesome. Dragunov connected with a flying seated senton for two. Tony caught Dragunov flying off the ropes with a Powerbomb for two. Tony planted Dragunov with a pump handle slam for two. Dragunov caught Tony with a head butt. Dragunov made a comeback hitting Torpedo Moscow. Dragunov climbed the ropes delivering a Super H-Bomb for the win to retain the NXT Title at 17:05.

  • Dragunov offered Tony a handshake after the match. Tony accepted the handshake. The crowd cheered as Dragunov celebrated his win with the NXT Title. 

We saw Lyra Valkyria backstage. Tatum Paxley appeared wanting to apologize to Valkyria for appearing in the match. Valkyria told Paxley this isn’t the time.

We saw a highlight package for JaVon Evans. JaVon said he’s ready to grind. JaVon said he will see us all on Tuesday.

Meta-Four (Noam Dar, Ora Mensah, Lash Legend & Jackson) were standing inside the ring. They announced the attendance record of 16,545. That’s pretty cool for an NXT Stand & Deliver show. 

Carmelo Hayes vs. Trick Williams: They showed a Trick Williams jersey in the rafters. Camera Hayes came out to huge boos from the crowd. Trick Williams came out to a huge reaction. There were huge chants of “Whoop That Trick!” There was a huge crowd reaction as the match began. The fans chanted NXT. Hayes used his speed as he outwrestled Trick in the early going. Hayes slapped Trick across the face. This led to Trick rocking Hayes with strikes. The action moved into the crowd as Hayes and Trick exchanged strikes. Trick used Hayes’ momentum launching him over the barricade. Trick went for an apron suplex but Hayes kicked him onto the turnbuckle. Hayes went for a springboard but Trick caught him with a punch. Hayes and Trick delivered stereo jumping dropkicks. The fans chanted “Whoop That Trick!” Trick made a comeback rocking Hayes with a pair of leg kicks. Trick planted Hayes with an elevated flatliner. Trick went for a Cyclone Kick but Hayes caught him with La Mistica. Trick caught Hayes flying off the ropes with a jumping neck breaker. Trick followed rocking Hayes with a Cyclone Boot for two. Hayes caught Trick with a hook kick on the floor. Hayes connected with a springboard lariat to Trick on the floor. Hayes connected with a Frog Splash for two. Trick caught Hayes charging with a lariat. Trick called for the Trick Knee but Hayes countered into a Codebreaker for two. Hayes went to use his wrist tape but Trick blocked. Hayes moved as Trick splashed the referee in the corner. Hayes caught Trick with a chop block. Trick stopped Hayes from using the chair. Trick whacked Hayes with a chair. The referee grabbed the chair from Trick’s hand. Hayes nailed Trick with a low blow for two. Trick moved as Hayes nailed the referee. Hayes connected with Nothing But Net. A second referee ran down but Trick kicked out at two. Hayes went to use a chair but the referee stopped him. Trick went for a Cyclone Boot but Hayes moved. Trick caught Hayes with a Trick Knee for the win in 14:47. Trick’s win got a huge reaction. 

  • Trick Williams celebrated his win. There was huge chants of WHOOP THAT TRICK. The show came to a close. 


I very much enjoyed watching NXT Stand & Deliver. There were some really good matches. The main event wasn’t a classic but it was great to see Trick Williams getting his biggest win the fans reacted to him as a superstar. We also got a new NXT Women’s Champion in Roxanne Perez. This was also a pretty newsworthy show with Giulia’s appearance. Overall, NXT Stand & Deliver was a very enjoyable show. This show showed that the future of WWE is looking very bright.