Tony Khan: WWE Did Not Reach Out To Us To Have Jon Moxley Appear At WrestleMania XL

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At WrestleMania 40, the main event featured a ton of crazy appearances and callbacks, one of those being the entrance theme song of the Shield, the trio that consisted of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose (Now known as Jon Moxley in AEW).

The only thing missing was Jon Moxley himself who many thought would appear once they heard the music hit in the arena, but when they only saw Rollins in the gear, many fans took to social media and wondered if WWE or AEW reached out to each other to get Moxley to make an appearance.

Tony Khan was able to confirm with Liam Crowley of ComicBook that WWE had not reached out to All Elite Wrestling for Moxley to make a one-off appearance at WrestleMania 40 to aid Rollins against their former brother, the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

In the end, it was Cody Rhodes who nailed the trinity of Cross Rhodes to defeat Reigns and win the Undisputed WWE Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 40.

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