Piper Niven Believes Recent Injury Was A Necessary Setback To Be Better As A Performer

Piper Niven is ready to get back in the ring soon.

It was reported this past February by Fightful Select that Piper Niven had suffered a hand injury. Her last match taking place was on WWE Main Event on February 5.

During a conversation with Gorilla Position, Niven revealed when and how the injury happened to her.

“Who wants to see my gross hand? I broke my hand [laughs]. Training, trying to be a better performer. Obviously, the universe was like, ‘No, no, no, you’re too good. [Laughs] Come on, you gotta give everybody else a chance.’ So yeah, broke my hand, unfortunately, and it still looks gnarly. This happened the seventh of February, so just over two months. It’s getting a little better, so I’ll have this gnarly little bone callous that I can’t wait to backfist people with,” Niven said.

There is no update just yet on when Niven will be able to return to the ring. We at will keep you updated on any news we hear.

h/t from Fightful.

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