Paul Heyman On Hall Of Fame Induction: It Would Be A Grotesque Demonstration Of Disrespect To Triple H If I Turned That Down

Paul Heyman is happy to be getting his induction.

The headliner for the WWE Class of 2024 Hall of Fame, Paul Heyman is set to be immortalized forever in the WWE the night before WrestleMania 40: Saturday where he will ‘wing’ his speech and be honored by those around him for all the work he’s done throughout the last couple of decades.

In a conversation with Graham GSM Matthews of WrestleRant, Heyman spoke about why now was the right time to accept the induction.

This is the first year that Triple H, Paul Levesque, has chosen the entire class of the whole thing and one of my life’s great honors has been witnessing the work that Paul Levesque has done as the chief creative officer in WWE. The shoes that he has to fill, the accomplishments that he has to live up to, the disruption of the entire industry that he has to follow, is a task that no man or woman would ever look at with a reasonable perspective and he has not only lived up to it, but we are in the midst of the hottest run in the history, not just of WWE, but in all of sports entertainment. We are smashing records every quarter and every year and now every night. merchandise records, television license fees, attendance figures in gross and in net. The performers are making more on an average than ever before in the history of the industry, even with inflation taken into account and that’s because of the magnificent job that Paul Levesque has done. To be the first person named to the Hall of Fame by Paul Levesque, to be the first headliner of a class that he has chosen, is one of the greatest honors of both my career and my life.

“It would be a terrible disservice to Paul Levesque. It would be a grotesque demonstration of disrespect to Paul Levesque if I were to have turned that down. Out of respect and admiration for the job that he’s done and for the man himself, I’m honored to be inducted this year. Plus, it’s in Philly. Plus, it’s WrestleMania 40, and plus, for once, it gives me something that shuts my damn kids up.”

Heyman will also be joined by the likes of the US Express (Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda), Muhammad Ali, Lia Maivia, Thunderbolt Patterson, and Bull Nakano as they will all be inducted into the WWE’s Hall of Fame, class of 2024.

h/t from Fightful.

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