Yuma Anzai Becomes New AJPW Triple Crown Champion After Defeating Katsuhiko Nakajima

Yuma Anzai is the new All Japan Pro-Wrestling Triple Crown Champion. On March 30th, Anzai challenged Nakajima for AJPW’s top championship at the Dream Power Series 2024 event at the Ota City General Gymnasium in Tokyo.

Anzai tried to set the momentum in his favor early in the match and was seemingly succeeding until Nakajima took over. Nakajima had complete control of much of the match as he was systematically breaking down Anzai. The end came suddenly when Nakajima went for a suplex but Anzai was able to reverse out of it and proceed to hit a flying knee to the champions face. Anzai then used a German Suplex which he held onto and was able to pin Nakajima to become the new Triple Crown Champion.

With the victory, Anzai is now the youngest man to win the Triple Crown Championship at 24 years old. The previous youngest was Kento Miyahara who won the title when he was 26.

Anzai will find out who his first challenger will be on May 12th as that will be the finals of the Champion Carnival 2024 tournament. It is uncertain if Anzai, who is scheduled to be a participant, will pull out of the Champion Carnival 2024 tournament now that he is the Triple Crown Champion.

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