Ren Ayabe Officially Joins AJPW

Young star Ren Ayabe is now officially part of the All Japan Pro-Wrestling roster.

It all happened following the Road To Champion Carnival Battle Royal at the AJPW Dream Power Series 2024 event. The final two competitors in the Battle Royal were Kento Miyahara and Ayabe. After a spirited effort from Ayabe, Miyahara was able to defeat him to win the Battle Royal. Following the match, Ayabe, who entered the event as a freelancer, appealed to Miyahara that he no longer wants to be a free agent but would like to join the roster of AJPW.

Miyahara, who was in clear support of Ayabe, gave him an AJPW jacket which he helped Ayabe put on. The fans, who were chanting Ayabe’s name, were called on by Miyahara to support AJPW’s newest roster member Ren Ayabe.

The 27 year old Ayabe was previously splitting time as a freelancer between JTO , AJPW and Pro Wrestling ZERO1 before joining AJPW as an official member of the promotion.

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