WWE NXT Review: Breakker & Corbin Defend Tag Team Titles Against Alpha Academy

WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida

Dijak def. Shawn Spears in 13:40. Dijak got a solid reaction. Spears came out carrying a chair to the ring. Spears got a solid reaction. Dijak took control early nailing Spears with a back elbow. Dijak connected with a Cactus Clothesline sending Spears to the floor. Spears responded catching Dijak with a dropkick. Spears followed hitting a slingshot plancha to the floor. Spears sent Dijak into the ring. Dijak caught Spears with a Tope Con Hilo to the floor. Dijak connected with a slingshot splash to Spears for two. Spears responded catching Dijak with a neck breaker. Dijak caught Spears charging with a head butt. Dijak went to climb the ropes but Spears stopped him. Spears launched Dijak with a Super German Suplex. Spears connected with a knee strike sending Dijak to the floor. Joe Gacy from underneath the ring as he took Spears chair. Spears planted Dijak with a lung blower against the ropes. Dijak caught Spears with a flying clothesline as they returned from break. Dijak made a comeback launching Spears with an overhead suplex. Spears nailed Dijak with a superkick. Dijak responded rocking Spears with a Cyclone Boot for two. Spears responded catching Dijak with a spinning DDT. Dijak responded catching Spears against the ropes. Dijak went for a springboard elbow but Spears moved. Spears went to get his chair but couldn’t find it. Dijak caught Spears with a Chokeslam for a good two count. Dijak rocked Spears with a superkick. Dijak followed hitting Feast Your Eyes for the win. 

Joe Gacy stood on the announcers table swinging around Spears chair. 

We saw a Roxanne Perez highlight package. Roxanne said it made her sick watching her earlier self of being happy to be part of NXT. Roxanne spoke about wanting everyone to like her. Roxanne cut up picture of meeting her favourite WWE Superstars. Roxanne said meeting her heroes got her nothing. Roxanne said she’s her own hero now. Roxanne said when she stepped into NXT she was there to carry the brand out of 2.0 and into the new era. Roxanne spoke about looking out for herself. Roxanne said she’s in the NXT Women’s Title match at Stand & Deliver. Roxanne said she doesn’t dislike Lyra Valkyria. Roxanne said Valkryia was carrying her title. Roxanne said she will be holding the NXT Women’s Title at Stand & Deliver. 

We saw a clip from earlier in the day of Hank & Tank preparing for an audition for Stand & Deliver. Malik Blade & Edris Enofe were also prepping with Brinley Reese. We saw Andre Chase telling a PA Guy he F’N nailed his audition. Meta-Four were next for the audition. 

Thea Hail (w/Andre Chase, Duke Hudson & Riley Osborne) def. Jasmyn Nyx (w/Jacy Jayne) in 3:40. Hail shined early rocking Nyx with a series of running forearms. Hail sent Nyx flying with an Exploder Suplex. Jayne stood on the ring apron. Nyx took advantage rocking Hail with a running knee strike. Hail battled back catching Nyx with a Blockbuster. Nyx responded rocking Hail with a Pele Kick for two. Nyx placed Hail in a seated arm scissors. Jayne grabbed Andre Chase towel. Jayne tossed the towel into the ring. Osborne took the towel. The referee sent Chase U to the back. Jayne stood on the ring apron and slapped Hail. Nyx caught Hail with a rollup for two. Hail responded catching Nyx in a Kimura Hold for the submission win. 

Jayne attacked Hail after the match. Kiana James and Izzy Dame ran down as they attacked Hail. Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan ran down to make the save. Hail rocked Jayne with a running forearm smash. The babyface stood tall. 

Prime Target Part One: Carmelo Hayes vs. Trick Williams

They started by showing the Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams friendship from the beginning in NXT 2.0. Booker T spoke about TrickMelo Gang bringing something special and unique to NXT. Trick spoke about what he did with Hayes was special. Booker T said Hayes rise was awesome but couldn’t do it without Trick by his side. Booker T noted there was a time when Trick had to leave the shadow of Hayes. Randy Orton spoke about seeing Hayes listen to the crowd react to Trick’s rise. CM Punk spoke about it being a good study of human nature. Punk noted neither of them set out to be this way. Hayes recalled asking Trick if he’s bout it. Hayes said that couldn’t be more of a lie. Hayes said this was a me, plus you thing. Hayes said he’s second to nobody. Hayes said when he shoots, he doesn’t miss.

We saw Alpha Academy warming up backstage with Maxxine Dupri. 

Lola Vice Promo

Lola Vice came out for her Open Challenge. Vice said it’s Stand & Deliver season. Vice wanted to see who can handle her Latina Heat. Vice said nobody could handle her. Vice said she’s the total package. Vice said whoever comes out should be ready to be put to sleep. Natalya came out to a big reaction. Natalya said Vice is the one of the biggest rising stars in NXT. Natalya said she needs to put Vice in her place. Natalya said she’s saying that because she sees everything in Vice. Natalya entered the ring. Natalya said she wants to be the one to kick Vice ass. Vice tackled Natalya to the match before the match began. 

Natalya def. Lola Vice in 8:34. The match got underway as Natalya rammed Vice into the turnbuckle. Natalya went for a Sharpshooter but Vice rolled to the floor. Natalya went for a discus clothesline but Vice ducked. Vice took control rocking Natalya with combination kicks. Natalya battled back rocking Vice with strikes as they returned from break. Natalya rocked Vice with a basement dropkick for two. Natalya called for the Sharpshooter but Vice broke free. Vice applied a knee bar but Natalya grabbed the ropes. Vice rocked Natalya with a back elbow for two. Vice placed Natalya in a Triangle Hold. Karmen Petrovic made her way ringside. Natalya countered catching Vice with a rollup for two. Vice went for a spinning back fist but Natalya ducked. Natalya rocked Vice with a discus lariat. Natalya went for a Triangle Hold but Vice countered into a rollup for two. Vice went for a roundhouse kick. Natalya countered catching Vice with a reverse rollup for the win.

We saw Shawn Spears leaving the WWE Performance Center. Spears told a reporter that Joe Gacy is now on his radar. Gacy was shown standing on top of the WWE Performance Center. Gacy dropped Spears chair to the pavement. Gacy began laughing. NXT North American Champion Oba Femi appeared. Femi stomped on the chair. Femi looked up top the WWE Performance Center.

Tony D’Angelo Family were backstage hyping Stacks up for his upcoming match with NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov. 

We saw a Sol Ruka highlight package. Ruca spoke about surfing on the waves. They showed clips of Ruca shining bright in her NXT debut. Ruca said it could all come crashing down. Ruca spoke about Blair Davenport shredding her ALC. Ruca said she just thought about Davenport putting a pause on her career. Ruca said rehab sucked. Ruca said she’s back now. Ruca told Davenport to not be fooled by her carefree beach like personality. Ruca said she’s pissed off. Ruca said Davenport might have tore her ACL. Ruca said she was going to snatch Davenport’s soul. 

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Blair Davenport backstage. Davenport noted Sol Ruca has a beach girl vibe to her. Davenport noted Ruca reminds her of sand. Davenport said it’s annoying and disgusting. Davenport said Ruca wasting her time with TikTok dorks won’t help her. Davenport said she’s excited to see how well the doctors repaired Ruca’s ACLs. Davenport said Ruca will be on another long road to recovery after she’s done with her. 

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov def. Stacks in a Non-Title Match in 5:05. Stacks shined early rocking Dragunov with a clothesline. Stacks rocked Dragunov with a running uppercut. Dragunov responded sending Stacks flying with a Launch Powerbomb. Dragunov called for the H-Bomb but Stacks got his boots up. Stacks stomped on Dragunov’s hand. The camera zoomed on Dragunov’s hands as his fingers were bent. Stacks planted Dragunov with a Tornado DDT for two. We saw Tony D’Angelo and Luca Crucifino watching backstage. Dragunov responded catching Stacks charging with a spinning back elbow. Dragunov made a comeback planting Stacks with a snap German Suplex. Dragunov planted Stacks with a Powerbomb. Dragunov connected with Torpedo Moscow for the win. 

We saw Tony D’Angelo and Luca Crucifino chatting backstage. Crucifino asked Tony if he wanted to go to the ring. Tony said it’s smart but said no. Tony told Cruficino to find Dragunov and invite him to dinner. Crucifino thought it was the restaurant. Tony said he’s gonna invite Dragunov to a secret place. Crucifino wondered if that place was real. Tony said it was. Tony said that place is for special occasions like for next week. 

Prime Target Part Two: Carmelo Hayes vs. Trick Williams

This part focused on Trick Williams returning back to Philadelphia. Trick introduced us to Sweet Baby James. Trick spoke about living with James. Trick spoke about Philly being the City of Brotherly Love. Trick said Melo was his brother. Booker T said it’s not about getting beat down. It’s about getting back up. Matthew Brooks who’s Trick’s boxing coach says a brother should never his back on his brother. CM Punk spoke about when getting stabbed in the back by the brother, it’s the brother’s knife that hurts worse. Gary Cobb a former NFL player spoke about getting got sometimes but mentioned it takes time to get your licks back. They showed footage of Trick training for the match. Punk noted Hayes should be worried that he might have created a monster in Trick. Trick said he’s coming for Melo. 

We saw Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin backstage. Corbin spoke about Breakker being so tan. Breakker said he goes outside and told Corbin to try it. Breakker gave Corbin a tanning bottle which said “The Sun” on it. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows appeared. They told Breakker and Corbin to win because they wanted a traditional tag match for the NXT Tag Team Titles at Stand & Deliver. Breakker said it’s not going to be a Triple Threat at Stand & Deliver. Breakker said he and Corbin are going to their jobs. Breakker told Anderson & Gallows to do their jobs next week. Breakker said he will see them in Philly. 

Ridge Holland Promo 

Ridge Holland was wearing a black suit standing inside in the ring. Holland was looking sad. Holland said he knew this day would come but not so soon. He thanked Marty Jones who brought him in. Holland thanked William Regal for giving him a chance. Holland thanked Shawn Michaels and the producers and talent who gave him time to come out and say what he needed to say. Holland spoke about being a step off as of late and can’t run the risk of hurting someone else. Holland said he knows the perception about him. Holland spoke about hearing the whispers, and seen the comments and DMs. Holland spoke about being tired of taking his work home with him and let the job take away what’s most important to him. Holland noted it’s being a good dad and husband. Holland noted he’s made a decision that’s the best for his family and himself. Holland said he’s stepping away from the ring indefinitely. Holland noted he considers himself blessed and lucky to have the chance to step into the company. Holland spoke about performing in front of millions of people across the world. Holland thanked NXT for allowing him to come back here and take one last shot at redemption. Holland noted he’s sorry it didn’t work out. Holland noted he appreciate us more than we’ll ever know. Holland sat down the mic. The crowd chanted “Thank You Ridge!” 

We saw a Lyra Valkyria highlight package. Valkyria spoke about her journey to winning the NXT Women’s Title. Valkyria spoke about winning the title by beating Becky Lynch. Valkyria spoke about Roxanne taking the easy way out to try to win the title. Valkyria brought up how Roxanne lost the NXT Women’s Title in a Ladder Match last year which Indi Hartwell won. Valkyria claimed the title broke Roxanne and her time has passed. Valkyria said she would do anything to keep the title away from Roxanne. 

Josh Briggs def. Duke Hudson in 10:30. Dijak joined commentary for the match. Hudson took control early catching Briggs charging with a uranage slam. Hudson followed hitting a running Hurricanrana. Hudson planted Briggs with a side slam for two. Hudson planted Briggs with a slingshot German Suplex. Briggs rolled to the floor. Briggs responded running Hudson into the ring steps. Briggs caught Hudson with a side slam as they returned from break. Briggs connected with a standing splash for two. Briggs planted Hudson with a Superplex. Hudson battled back rocking Briggs with a running boot. Hudson connected with a back senton for two. Hudson caught Briggs with a Bossman Slam coming off the ropes for two. Hudson called for the Razor’s Edge but Briggs blocked. Briggs planted Hudson with a backdrop suplex. Hudson stoped Duke from climbing the ropes. Hudson planted Briggs with a Powerbomb Briggs responded nailing Hudson with a lariat. Briggs followed hitting a running lariat for the win. 

NXT North American Champion Oba Femi appeared on a perch. Femi said he has two worthy challenges in Dijak and Briggs. Femi said he would defend the NXT North American Title in a Triple Threat Title match at Stand & Deliver. 

Prime Target Part Three: Carmelo Hayes vs. Trick Williams

Part three focused on Trick Williams costing Carmelo Hayes his match against Tony D’Angelo. CM Punk spoke seeing who wants it more between Carmelo and Trick. Johnny Gargano wasn’t sure how you can get it back after someone you considered a brother attacked you. Randy Orton said he understands where both Hayes and Trick are coming from. Orton said Stand & Deliver is a hell of a way to kick off WrestleMania weekend. Tommaso Ciampa called the Hayes and Trick match arguably the biggest in NXT history. Cody Rhodes picked Trick Williams to win. Hayes spoke about carrying the NXT brand for two years. Trick spoke about having Trick’s back for two years. Hayes said he carried NXT. Trick said he can be one of the best. 

We saw Meta-Four in a production truck. They announced they were the host of NXT Stand & Deliver. 

We saw an Instagram video of Arianna Grace deciding which dress to pick for Gigi Dolan. 

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Ilja Dragunov backstage. Kincaid congratulated Dragunov on his win. Dragunov said Stacks brought it in the match. Kincaid asked Dragunov if he was surprised Tony D’Angelo didn’t appear ringside. Luca Crucifino appeared. Crucifino said Tony invited Dragunov to a pre Stand & Deliver dinner. Dragunov said he knows where’s the restaurant is. Crucifino said it’s not the restaurant. Crucifino handed Dragunov an envelope. Dragunov opened the envelope. Dragunov and Kincaid were taken by surprise. 

The Wolf Dogs (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin) (c) def. Alpha Academy (Akira Tozawa & Otis) (w/Maxinne Dupri) to retain the NXT Tag Team Titles in 10:10. Tozawa shined early catching Corbin with a flying Hurricanrana. Breakker and Otis tagged into the match. Otis rocked Breakker and Corbin with a pair of lariats. Tozawa caught Corbin with a popup Hurricanrana. Tozawa followed nailing Corbin with a Shining Wizard. Tozawa followed rocking Corbin with a missile dropkick. Otis launched Tozawa onto Breakker and Corbin on the floor. Corbin rocked Tozawa with elbow smashes as they returned from break. Breakker ran off the ropes rocking Tozawa with a huge lariat. Breakker and Corbin planted Tozawa with a Popup World’s Strongest Slam combo for two. Tozawa responded catching Corbin with Sliced Bread. Breakker planted Tozawa with a reverse Cutter. Tozawa moved as Breakker charged into the ring post. Otis ran wild rocking Breakker with a spinning back elbow. Otis connected with the Caterpillar to Corbin for two. Otis caught Breakker charging with a Worlds Strongest Slam but Corbin made the save. Tozawa rocked Corbin with a Shining Wizard. Otis placed Breakker on his shoulders as he and Tozawa went for a Doomsday Device. There was a fantastic as Breakker caught Tozawa with a Moonsault Powerslam. This looked awesome and got a huge reaction. Breakker used Otis momentum sending him to the floor. Breakker and Corbin delivered a Double Powerbomb sending Otis crashing through the announcers table. The crowd chanted “Holy S*it.” Tozawa went for a Dragon Hurricanrana but Corbin countered into a Powerbomb. Breakker rocked Tozawa with a huge spear for the win to retain the titles. 

The LWO appeared ringside after the match. The OC (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) came out as well. Axiom and Nathan Frazer jumped Anderson and Gallows. A huge brawl broke out between all teams including Breakker and Corbin as the show ended. 


This was a very good episode of NXT building up to the Stand & Deliver special. The Prime Target special for Hayes and Trick was just fantastic as it feels like a huge match. Roxanne highlight package was also great as she’s been doing of her best on-screen character work. I also liked the Dijak and Spears match. Overall, this was a very strong episode of NXT. This show got me more excited wanting to see Stand & Deliver.