Exclusive: An Interview With Pro Wrestling NOAH Superstar Jake Lee

On March 31st, Pro Wrestling NOAH will present Star Navigation 2024 which will take place at the legendary Korakuen Hall.

The main event of Star Navigation 2024 will see the current GHC Heavyweight Champion El Hijo De Dr Wagner Jr make his first defense of his title as he faces former champion Jake Lee. Lee, who held the GHC Heavyweight Title from March 19 2023 until October 28 2023, will be looking to become a two time champion.

Lee, who is busy preparing for his GHC Heavyweight Title opportunity, granted some time to for an exclusive interview as he discussed his upcoming title match with Wagner Jr, His faction GLG, Kazuyuki Fujita, and more!

Here is the exclusive interview with Pro Wrestling NOAH superstar Jake Lee:

Q: Do you feel you will have to make any adjustments during your GHC Heavyweight Title match with El Hijo de Dr Wagner Jr’s due to his Lucha Libre style of professional wrestling?

Jake Lee: I’m going to fight in the style I’ve been using, I just don’t know what’s going to happen in the match.

Q: During the preliminary on March 17th with El Hijo de Dr Wagner Jr. you kicked him in the head and knocked him out after the match. Are there any regrets doing that and what kind of message did you want to get across with that kick?

Jake Lee: As long as you are a champion, you are always fighting, so I just gave him a kick as a message with my own thoughts and feelings.

Q: Should you be successful and win the GHC Heavyweight Title on March 31st , will Kazuyuki Fujita-san be nominated by you to be your first challenger?

Jake Lee: Yes, that would happen.

Q: Would you call your match with Fujita-san one of the toughest of your career and how much respect do you have for Fujita-san as a competitor?

Jake Lee: It was a tough match. I was not calm inside because he also sprayed me with Red Pitbull [Japanese energy drink]. But that was a good thing, because it shook my soul and made me feel emotions that I hadn’t felt before.

Q: There are many factions in numerous different promotions. Where do you think GLG ranks among them and is there a faction you would like GLG to have a series with?

Jake Lee: GLG has reached a point where each of us can create a unit and be the leader. Now that each of their individual abilities are at a higher level than before, they will produce good work no matter where they team up or who they fight.

Q: Pro Wrestling NOAH will be touring the UK in September, do you know yet if you will part of that tour and is that something you would like to be a part of?

Jake Lee: I would love to meet everyone there if the timing works out.

Q: Last question – what is your message for El Hijo de Dr Wagner Jr. ahead of your match with him on March 31st ?

Jake Lee: Show us your Mexican pride, amigo.

Pro Wrestling NOAH Star Navigation 2024 will air live on Wrestle Universe subscription streaming service on March 31st.

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