Exclusive: Vinny Pacifico Discusses His Huge Upcoming Match With Paul London

On March 23rd, the current Pro Wrestling Magic World Junior Champion Vinny Pacifico is scheduled defend his title against former WWE, TNA & ROH star Paul London. The title match is set to take place at The Mecca in Ridgefield, NJ for PWM’s Last One Standing Event.

Pacifico, who has referred to London as one of the best opponents he will be stepping into the ring with, took time out of his schedule to answer a few questions exclusively for on this big title defense.

Q: What does the match with Paul London mean to you?

Vinny Pacifico: It’s a test to myself and an opportunity to show everyone exactly who Vinny Pacifico is and how talented I am.

Q: Do you feel a victory over Paul London will open doors for you in terms of moving up in your professional wrestling career?

Vinny Pacifico: I feel a victory over Paul London will give me the confidence, and momentum to move up and put myself in different places. It will show everyone that I’m so much more.

Q: Will we see any G Fuel during the match?

Vinny Pacifico: This match may end up being a straight up brawl, so we will see. I will say, never count out energy drinks!

Q: How do you respond to London’s post on X:

“This Saturday I see if Vinny really runs off energy drinks…you see I drink water son, mother nature’s sweat! You. Will. Crash I. Will. Win”

Vinny Pacifico: I will show Paul that no matter what, day in and day out, you don’t count Vinny out. I will show him that wrestling is my damn everything and if I have to go through him to prove it, so be it.

Pacifico’s PWM World Junior Heavyweight Title defense against London as well as the entire PWM Last One Standing event can be viewed live on IWTV at 6pm EST on March 23rd.

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