Ring of Honor’s “Honor Reigns Supreme” Recap – 2/9/18 – In Attendance

ROH champion The Dalton Castle & The Boys vs. Socal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

Crowd in Concord is really behind Dalton Castle and The Boys. Fun stuff to start off the match. The Boys acting like they didn’t want to get into the ring, only to bait Daniels into being cocky and mouthy towards Castle, before The Boys hop into the ring and take out Kazarian and Scorpio Sky who were on the apron. Daniels left alone with Castle, Daniels looks shocked by the turn of events, he escapes the ring. Castle teases a high spot to the outside, he charges off the ropes and does his taunt and pose in the middle of the ring. The Boys build a bench, and Castle takes a seat. Crowd goes nuts. Daniels yells down to Kazarian and Scorpio Sky on the floor to get in the ring and do the same thing for him. Daniels turns around to say some words to Castle, he goes to sit down on Sky and Kaz, but they aren’t there. Daniels hits the mat, and is not happy about it. Crowd loved this spot. Great reaction for both teams.

Lots of fast paced back and forth action now. Kaz works over one of the Boys, but the Boys make some quick tags, and eventually get the advantage before Kaz is able to clock Dalton Castle and one of the Boys who were on the apron sending them down to the floor. This gives SoCal Uncensored the opportunity they needed to regain control of the match. They isolate one of The Boys and work him over. Quick tags by SoCal Uncensored now, some good double team action as well, still keeping the same member of The Boys in the ring. He gets trapped in the wrong corner now, as Kaz and Daniels really work him over in the corner laying the boots to him. In comes Sky, as they begin to triple team him now. Daniels with a slam, and follows with an Arabian press. Castle gets in Daniels face, referee gets involved to split them up. This gives the other member of The Boys the chance to pull off some of that “twin magic” to steal a term I hate, the fresh member of the Boys is in the ring now, and he makes the tag to Dalton Castle.

Dalton Castle is fresh, and he is all over SoCal Uncensored. Momentum has shifted in the match, as Castle is now in control. Castle catches Daniels coming off the ropes and his a nice suplex. Castle picks Daniels up and places him on the top turnbuckle, Castle charges at him on the apron and leaps and connects with a big kick that sends Daniels crashing back into the ring. Castle stays on him, and he scoops Daniels up and executes a pretty deadlifting back suplex. He goes for the pinfall, but is broken up by Kazarian.

Castle now begins tossing and throwing Boys out of the ring onto members of SoCal Uncensored. The Boys are back up after being used as projectile weapons, they toss Daniels back into the ring. Castle is now pulled out to the floor, one of The Boys is alone in the ring with Kaz and Daniels. Castle comes back into the ring. He runs and levels Kazarian with a big clothesline sending Kaz over the top rope down to the floor.

Lots of Action going on all over the place at the close of the match. Finally SoCal Uncensored catches one of The Boys and scores the pin, and get the win.

Winner: SoCal Uncensored

After the match SoCal Uncensored attacks everyone, they beat down The Boys but Castle makes a comeback and the save. Castle hits the Bangarang on Sky. Crowd pops hard.

My Take: Match was well done, lots of good shine spots for both teams. Fun for us in the crowd. Good storytelling.


After intermission Mark and Jay Briscoe come out. They hold up a flag that read “Sandy Fork vs. Everyone.” Jay Briscoe gets on the mic and says that there is “going to be a lot of bloodletting soon” and that its “going to be the fans fault”. Jay promises to destroy their heroes. Mark starts jawing with some of the fans to my left. Pretty sure Mark yelled and told the guy to “sit your toothless ass down in your chair, fat boy”, not positive crowd was pretty hot around us at the time. They then taunted the fan and challenged him to get into the ring.

Mark still on the mic, he claims that they are here to get their property back, The ROH Tag Team Championships. Jay now begins to run down Chris Sabin, saying that dropped him head first onto a chair last week, and that he’s out and not here. They continue by saying that they know Alex Shelley is here tonight, but that he doesn’t have the balls to face them by himself. The add that he should just walk out and hand them the Tag Team Titles.

*note: I am not a Jay Briscoe fan. A #DemBoys shirt was paid for and supposed to have been shipped to me years ago, but never was sent. After months of asking where my shirt was and receiving every possible excuse imaginable from Jay, he eventually blocked me. Not to mention at Big Bang iPPV he puked outside the ring and it splattered onto my sandals, next show he bleed on my Duke jersey… and then the t-shirt theivory… not a fan. So I am pretty sure I left to get more beer right here. So I had to look up what I missed.*

The lights went out and The Machine Guns’ music hits. Alex Shelley attacks The Briscoes from behind while the lights were out.

The Briscoes however quickly overwhelm Shelley, and begin the 2 on 1 beat down. Here comes ROH Security to try and make the save. They are handled easily by The Briscoes, leaving Shelley to be hit with the Jay-Driller by Jay Briscoe.

*note: I came back into the venue about the time security hit the ring, and Shelley got hit with the Jay-Driller*

The Briscoes leave the ring and have words with fans at ringside on the way down the aisle on the way to the top of the stage. Briscoes again show off their flag, but they had it upside down. The crowd quickly began yelling insults and pointing out their flag was upside down.

Alex Shelley was helped to the back by officials and the members of ROH Security that weren’t able to help.

Stacy Shadows & Kelly Klein vs. Mandy Leon & Tenille Dashwood (the formerly WWE’s Emma)

Tenille Dashwood gets a HUGE ovation from the crowd, as does Mandy Leon. Kelly Klein also was a favorite of the fans in Concord. However, Stacy Shadows was not. They were really heckling her and on her from the beginning.

Shadows and Leon start things off in this one. Leon with the advantage out of the gate. She lays into Shadows with forearms and chops, but Shadows cuts her off with a shoulder tackle, then follows it up with a knee to the face. Shadows calls out Dashwood, saying she wants her in the ring. In comes Dashwood. She’s all over Shadows with elbows and kicks.

Kelly Klein now comes in. She connects with some solid knee strikes. Dashwood retaliates with a head scissor into a Russian Leg Sweep, she goes for the cover. But Klein kicks out at two.

Mandy Leon is tagged in. Klein catches Leon with a running splash to the mid-section in the corner. Klein all over Mandy in the corner. Heavy knee strikes to Leon’s face. Klein stays on Leon. In comes Shadows. She continues staying on the attack to Leon. Leon reverses Kleins bearhug into a DDT. Leon makes her way to the corner and tags in a fresh Dashwood.

Tenille comes in hot. She takes out everyone. Hard drop kick into the corner on Shadows. Dashwood goes for a double underhook DDT, but is reversed into a fireman’s carry, but somehow Dashwood reverses that into an inverted DDT. She lines it up and connects with a stiff kick to the head of Shadows. She goes for the cover, and gets the pin.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood and Mandy Leon

My Take: Crowd was pretty invested in this one. The surprise of having Dashwood debut really showed, the crowd was hot all match and loved everything she did. Decent match work wise, some spots could have been tighter and cleaner, but overall fun and well done all around.