Finn Balor recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about his new “for everyone” shirt that donates 20% of the shirts to GLAAD. Finn Balor joined Sports Illustrated to promote his new merchandise for a good cause.

Balor on why Demon King did not appear at Wrestlemania 34?

A lot of people maybe thought to go into WrestleMania, ‘Well, if Finn’s not gonna be the Demon, it’s gonna suck. I think, what we did at WrestleMania is a lot more important than any Demon could have been.

I know that the answer was not satisfactory. But, Balor thought he has a more important reason behind Demon King missing the Wrestlemania 34.

Balor debuted in 2016, and Demon King made a bigger impact by becoming the first ever Universal Champion. It could be possible that Finn Balor has decided to appear as Demon King when he’s going after the title. No one can deny the fact that Finn Balor and Kevin Owens never got their rematch that they earned.

When the Demon King appears on the WWE TV, then it is the sign that Balor is going to become the Champion.


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