Will Conor McGregor Be At UFC 223 To See Khabib Vs. Ferguson?

Will Conor be at UFC 223 to see Khabib vs Ferguson?

An article by Peter Carroll suggest he might

It seems like his buddy & teammate Artem Lobov thinks the fact that Conor supports his fights, might have been a reason to match him with Alex Caceres at UFC 223.

“I’d say they definitely might have thought about it,” Lobov told MMA Fighting. “It probably did (factor into the decision), and why not?


F-NYC take:
Smart move by UFC. Also the fight is in Brooklyn & Conor loves NYC (of course he should) & it is an easier fight than Vega (from Ireland). Does Conor enter the cage at UFC 223 or is that only reserved for Bellator events? 😉

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