Stephanie Vaquer Addresses Her CMLL And NJPW Departure, Signs With WWE

La Primera is leaving CMLL through the big door.

Stephanie Vaquer, a talented and promising Chilean wrestler, has shocked the wrestling world with her sudden departure from Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). Known for her exceptional skills and captivating presence, Stephanie Vaquer has made the decision to step away from her roles in CMLL and NJPW, citing personal reasons. As a consequence, CMLL has stripped her of both the CMLL World and Tag Team Titles, according to an official announcement from the promotion posted on their social media. Interestingly, it was recently revealed that Vaquer has garnered interest from both AEW and WWE, despite still being under contract with CMLL.

Reports from Fightful Select confirm that Vaquer has engaged in discussions with both AEW and WWE, and that both companies have expressed continued interest in her. However, it is important to note that at present, Vaquer has not signed with AEW or made significant progress towards a deal with them, although there has been expressed interest. On the other hand, sources within AEW, believed that Vaquer was likely headed towards WWE.

It was also mentioned that CMLL has a policy of allowing talent to leave their contracts if they receive enticing offers from prominent US promotions. This suggests that Vaquer’s departure from CMLL may be facilitated if she receives a compelling opportunity from either AEW or WWE. The situation remains intriguing, as wrestling fans eagerly await further developments and official announcements regarding Stephanie Vaquer’s future in the industry.

Vaquer’s time in CMLL was marked by memorable matches, where she showcased her technical abilities, high-flying maneuvers, and captivating charisma. Her performances captivated audiences and solidified her reputation as a rising star in the wrestling industry.

The sudden departure of Stephanie Vaquer from CMLL has left fans and fellow wrestlers surprised and curious about the circumstances surrounding her exit. According to the joint statement, Vaquer will not compete in her scheduled match against Lluvia at FantasticaMania on July 13 in San Jose. Furthermore, CMLL has announced that she is stripped of both the CMLL World Women’s and World Women’s Tag Team Championships. The statement also expresses apologies to the fans worldwide for the abrupt announcement.

As a result of Vaquer’s departure, a new CMLL World Women’s Champion will be crowned in a three-way match at FantasticaMania USA this Saturday, featuring Lluvia, Viva Van and AEW star Willow Nightingale competing for the coveted title.

Vaquer took to social media to address her departure from CMLL and NJPW.

At this moment I stop belonging to the ranks of CMLL and NJPW Clarify, I AM LEAVING THROUGH THE BIG DOOR, forever grateful to the WORLD WRESTLING COUNCIL AND NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING, and in the best terms. From today I vacate the CMLL World Women’s Championship as well as the CMLL World Women’s Couples Championship. For which I offer an apology to the fans.

For obvious reasons, I will not be present at the next shows and I hope you can understand that the terms between companies are what lead to this statement.

With Mexico in my heart and with the commitment to represent Mexican wrestling wherever I go Infinite thanks to SR Salvador Lutteroth for his good wishes and also to all the unconditional support of my people and my colleagues THANK YOU

Stephanie Vaquer via Twitter

Shawn Michaels confirmed the reports that Vaquer was headed to NXT with a post on Twitter saying:

“Welcome to the WWE Family, @Steph_Vaquer. See you in Orlando!”

While the wrestling community comes to terms with Stephanie Vaquer’s sudden departure from CMLL, her legacy and contributions to the promotion will be remembered. Fans and industry insiders eagerly await updates on her future endeavors and the potential impact she will make in other wrestling promotions.

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