Why The Liv Morgan Revenge Tour Is The Most Compelling Story in WWE

Liv Morgan is currently having the run of her career as the Women’s World Champion. While things are slowly building with The Bloodline and the Wyatt Sicks, we have to come to the realization that Morgan is the best story being told at the moment.

As a four-time champion (2-time Women’s World Champion & 2-time Women’s Tag Team Champion), Morgan has made a name for herself. The best part of it all is she is only 30 years old and is just getting started. While many us are enjoying her “Revenge Tour” and taking over The Judgement Day and her obsessed love story with Dominik Mysterio, we also need to remember how much she has elevated her character work in just two years.

Morgan won the Money In The Bank briefcase in 2022 and it was a beautiful moment that both Morgan and the WWE Universe cherished.

Two years ago, Morgan was one of the top babyfaces in the entire women’s division. As we celebrate the upcoming two-year anniversary of Morgan’s monumental night at Money In The Bank, it is time to look back at what she has overcome in just two short years.

After winning the title, the WWE Universe wasted no time to turn their backs on Morgan. After a controversial win over Ronda Rousey at Summerslam 2022, this was Morgan’s first appearance on Friday Night Smackdown after her successful title defense.

Again, this is barely a month after her historic Money In The Bank showing and this is how she was treated as a babyface champion. She would hold the title until October and lose to Rousey at Extreme Rules. The title was literally booed off of her. We never gave her character the opportunity to grow. That is when the new dark side of Morgan began. Although, she wouldn’t revisit that version of herself until later on.

To make matters worse, she was then drafted to Monday Night Raw in the 2023 WWE Draft. On an episode of Monday Night Raw in July 2023, her former Tag Team partner Rhea Ripley decided to blindside Morgan and injure her arm.

In hindsight, it was the roughest year of Morgan’s career storyline wise. In a year’s time, Morgan seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. After her injury, Morgan had to sit back and watch the superstar who injured her have the best moments of her career. She sat back and watched Ripley win the Women’s Royal Rumble, win the Women’s World Championship at WrestleMania, and watched Ripley hold the title for 380 days. Morgan reminded Ripley that she will be out for revenge and that everything she loves will be hers.

Morgan finally began her “Revenge Tour” and attacked Ripley backstage, which forced Ripley to miss a significant amount time and also vacate her title.

Since this moment, Morgan has capitalized on every opportunity that has presented itself for Morgan to take everything Ripley loved. The first order of business was taking her Women’s World title after defeating Becky Lynch at Queen of The Ring, which Morgan claims also put Lynch in early retirement.

Since then, we’ve seen Morgan slowly taking over The Judgement Day, and creating a on-screen romance with Mysterio, or as she calls him “Daddy Dom,” which is a direct reference to Ripley’s nickname being Mami. This story has gotten quite interesting to say the least.

While many of us fans criticize these superstars when things aren’t going exactly the way we want, we also cannot forget to acknowledge when a superstar is absolutely killing it — both in the ring, on the mic, and even in a story. Morgan’s character is firing on all cylinders right now and deserves more credit than it has been given. Going from winning her first single’s title, to losing it a few months later because we as the WWE Universe booed it off her, to missing time in the storyline due to being injured by Ripley, to watching Ripley have the best run of her career, and now to Morgan having the best run of her career in a matter of two years — is sensational development. Liv is finally on top and it is the most compelling story being told right now in WWE.