Exclusive: Deonna Purrazzo’s AEW Journey – A New Era for The Virtuosa and the Women’s Division

The wrestling world buzzed with excitement as Deonna Purrazzo made her highly anticipated debut on AEW Dynamite earlier this year. In front of her hometown crowd of Newark, New Jersey, the former IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts World Champion was welcomed with open arms by fans and AEW President Tony Khan. This marked a new chapter in the illustrious career of ‘The Virtuosa’.

The Impact of Deonna’s Arrival in AEW

Deonna Purrazzo’s arrival in AEW signified more than just a new signing; it represented a strategic move to elevate the women’s division to new heights. Reflecting on her debut, Purrazzo shared, “Being able to debut in my hometown was something really special. The energy, the crowd, the support – it was overwhelming in the best way possible. It felt like a homecoming, and I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome.” She continued, “To be part of a company that’s pushing boundaries and setting new standards for women’s wrestling is a dream come true. Tony Khan and the AEW team have been incredible, and I’m excited for what’s to come.”

Dream Matches and Future Opponents

Purrazzo’s presence opened up a plethora of dream matches and exciting rivalries. She highlighted several opponents she’s eager to face: “The AEW women’s roster is stacked with talent. I’ve never wrestled Kris Statlander before, and that’s a match I’m really looking forward to. It’s been a really long time since I’ve stepped into the ring with Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale as well. These are matches that fans have been asking for, and I can’t wait to deliver.”

She also mentioned her aspirations for championship gold in AEW, particularly the TBS Championship: “Seeing Mercedes Moné as the TBS Champion is inspiring. A shot at that championship is definitely on my radar. Mercedes is a phenomenal athlete, and I think we could put on a match that would be talked about for years.”

Exciting Match Stipulations

Deonna Purrazzo is not only focused on her opponents but also on bringing innovative match stipulations to AEW. “I’ve always loved the technical aspect of wrestling, so a Submission Match is right up my alley,” she noted. “But I also want to explore other stipulations. I’ve been talking with Thunder Rosa about doing a Two out of Three Falls match. We’ve had some incredible bouts in the past, and adding that extra layer of intensity would be amazing.”

She added, “Years ago, I pitched a Texas Bull Rope Match in TNA, and I think it’s time to bring that idea to AEW. There are so many unique stipulations that haven’t been fully explored in women’s wrestling, and I want to be at the forefront of that.”

The Virtuosa’s Vision for AEW’s Women’s Division

Purrazzo’s vision aligns with Tony Khan’s efforts to strengthen the women’s division by bringing in top-tier talent. “Our entire division is just so stacked,” Purrazzo stated. “We have incredible athletes, diverse styles, and a genuine passion for wrestling. My goal is to not only have great matches but to elevate everyone I step into the ring with. It’s about creating moments that fans will remember, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards.”

She continued, “Working with talents like Britt Baker, Thunder Rosa, and Jade Cargill is exciting. These women have been at the top of their game, and to be part of this division at this time is an honor. I believe we have the potential to main event pay-per-views and steal the show every single night.”

The Future of The Virtuosa in AEW

As Deonna Purrazzo settles into her new role in AEW, fans can look forward to witnessing The Virtuosa in a series of high-stakes matches that showcase her technical prowess and storytelling abilities. Her journey in AEW is just beginning, and with a stacked roster and the potential for groundbreaking matches, the future looks incredibly bright for both Purrazzo and AEW’s women’s division.

For those interested in supporting Deonna Purrazzo’s philanthropic efforts, visit the Clear the List campaign to contribute to her mission of helping teachers and students.

To hear more directly from Deonna Purrazzo, check out her full interview on the Irish Wrestling Entertainment YouTube channel:

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