EDITORIAL: Pro Wrestling NOAH DESTINATION 2024 Set For July 13th Not Available To View In Canada, UK or Mexico.

Pro Wrestling NOAH has one of it’s biggest shows of the year DESTINATION 2024 scheduled for July 13th at the Nippon Budokan.

There are some incredible matches lined up for this event including WWE superstar AJ Styles appearing as he faces NOAH legend Naomichi Marufuji. Yoichi returns from excursion and will challenge current GHC Heavyweight Champion Kaito Kiyomiya in a match that is sure to be an incredible one. A massive lucha libre match is set as El Hijo De Dr Wagner Jr & Galeno Del Mal square off against Alpha Wolf & Dragon Bane.

In addition, Ulka Sasaki gets a shot at the GHC National title held by HAYATA, KENOH battles NJPW legend Yuji Nagata and in the final match for the GLG faction it will be Jake Lee, YO-HEY & Tadasuke vs. Jack Morris, Anthony Greene & LJ Cleary, GLG will disband following the match. There are three other exciting bouts for the card as well.

This NOAH event is destined to be another great one. Just the fact that WWE superstar AJ Styles, who has an incredible history in Japan, will be competing at DESTINATION 2024 has every Pro Wrestling NOAH fan around the world excited. Yoichi returning from excursion and going right after Kiyomiya, has every Pro Wrestling NOAH fan around the world excited. This entire card, in which I received a press release for via email, has Pro Wrestling NOAH fans around the world excited!

When I received the press release for DESTINATION 2024, It was revealed that it will be a PPV, which makes sense as it’s a PPV quality show. The event has been available on Abema TV as per the press release that I received. AS A LOYAL PRO WRESTLING NOAH FAN, I immediately said to myself, I MUST order this. From my home in Windsor, Ontario, I clicked on the Abema TV link and saw the words that extremely disappointed me. The words I saw were – “NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE – This content is not available in your country or region”.

The decision has been made by Abema TV and Pro Wrestling NOAH not to make DESTINATION 2024 available in Canada. In addition, it is not available in the UK or Mexico. It will only be available in the US, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. Pro Wrestling NOAH fans in every other country won’t be able view DESTINATION 2024.

Again, I have been a very loyal Pro Wrestling NOAH fan for quite some time but this really leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I am extremely disappointed that unless you live in the the US, South Korea, Thailand or the Philippines, you will get shut out from viewing one of NOAH’s biggest events of the year.

The same situation occurred earlier in the year with the ALL TOGETHER events which were made available through Abema and only in US, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. While upset, I let that one go figuring it was just for the ALL TOGETHER events but now I can’t let it go as it’s being done with the promotion I consider my favorite in the world.

Does it make sense to announce a potential working agreement with the WWE that has AJ Styles heading to NOAH to compete in a dream match with Naomichi Marufuji and put a limit on the amount of NOAH fans that can watch? Does it make sense to have Yoichi, who looks incredible, make his return and challenge Kiyomiya for the GHC Heavyweight Title and limit the amount of fans that can watch? Doesn’t NOAH want to maximize its revenue by offering this to every NOAH fan in the world? The thing is, I am almost certain a decision was made by NOAH to broadcast this PPV exclusively on Abema TV and not it’s WRESTLE UNIVERSE streaming site. I mean, NOAH would have to make that decision right?

A large amount of loyal Pro Wrestling NOAH fans have taken to social media to voice their displeasure of this situation and rightfully so. Speaking for myself, I have been a very loyal fan of Pro Wrestling NOAH for quite some time. KENOH & Kiyomiya have been among my favorite wrestlers in the world. NOAH is my favorite promotion on Earth, but the decision to shut me and all the other huge amount of fans out of watching Pro Wrestling NOAH DESTINATION 2024 has me extremely disappointed in the promotion I have very devoted for many years. Quite honestly, I feel like I am being punished for some reason and sincerely hope that is not going to be a regular occurrence by Pro Wrestling NOAH.

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