Exclusive: An Interview With STARDOM Superstar Xena

Xena, who hails from Australia, made her debut for STARDOM back in March of 2023 in the Cinderella Tournament as she defeated Hina in the opening round. On the same night she was revealed to be the newest member of the Club Venus faction. Her initial run in STARDOM lasted 3 months through June of 2023.

Upon her return to STARDOM in February 2024, Club Venus was rebranded into a new faction called Empress Nexus Venus whose current members include herself, Mina Shirakawa, Maika, HANAKO & Waka Tsukiyama. On March 30th, Xena won her first championship in STARDOM as she, Shirakawa and Maika became the Artist of Stardom champions.

As Xena has proven that she belongs amongst the best in STARDOM, she jumped at the opportunity at winning her first singles title when she challenged stable mate and World of Stardom Champion Maika to a match for the red belt. The title bout between champion Maika and challenger Xena is set for June 22 at STARDOM The Conversion at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo.

There has been major friction between the two members of Empress Nexus Venus during the days leading up to their big title match. This was apparent at a recent press conference as the two came to blows. had the privilege of conducting an interview with Xena who graciously took time out of her busy schedule while she is preparing for her huge red belt title opportunity.

Q: You have an opportunity at the World of Stardom title held by Maika on June 22 at Yoyogi Stadium. How are you preparing for this big match?

Xena: I was putting in the hard way before this opportunity was presented to me. And hard work never goes unnoticed.  We’re talking hours in the dojo, hours in the gym, hours studying Maika. I’m even attending jiu jitsu classes, knowing very well my opponent has a black belt in judo. 

Q: Why did you decide that you wanted to be the next challenger for the Red Belt? How important is it for you to win your first singles title in STARDOM?

Xena: As a wrestler, if your goal isn’t to hold the most prestigious title in the company, then I’m sorry, what are you here for? I’m fortunate enough to have won the Artist titles with Mina and Maika. But, holding a singles title is a whole other ball game. This time last year I was having my final match of that run in Stardom against Syuri. Crying, thinking that was the end of my tour, so to find myself in the biggest match of my career, one year later, against Maika for the Red Belt. It means so much to me. I have so much more to showcase, and this time I’m staying for good.

Q: You and Maika are both members of the Empress Nexus Venus faction and holders of the Artist Of Stardom Titles with Mina Shirakawa. How would you describe your current relationship with Maika going into the June 22 match?

Xena: My relationship with Maika has hit rock bottom, what started as a friendly challenge, wrestler & wrestler, has turned into her disrespecting me. Maika even asked me to introduce her to one of DAGA’s friends. Maybe next time I’m at a press conference I will bring them along so she can get sidetracked and not tell me to shut up. 

Q: On X, you stated that Maika is “not worthy to be champion” and “not a team leader”. Why do you feel that way?

Xena: Mina is the person who has taken me under her wing since day one. She walked me out to my first match in STARDOM, celebrated my first win in the ring. I don’t share any of those kinds of memories with Maika. The only memories I have of Maika is her being greedy, like wanting me to tag her in when I had the match under control at Korakuen Hall, telling me to ‘shut up’. That is not what leaders do. 

Q: Do you feel if you win the Red Belt, you should be considered a new leader of Empress Nexus Venus?

Xena: I don’t see a problem with having multiple leaders in a faction, so long as everyone has the same end goal. 

Q: Maika defeated you in a tag team match on June 8th. Do you feel that gives her the psychological edge and how do you plan to bounce back from that loss? 

Xena: No one can compare that tag match to what the singles match will be like. It’s one thing having to tag against someone in my own faction, because I really do like HANAKO. At Yoyogi, however, it’ll just be Maika and me in the ring. No distractions. 

Q: Bottom line, do you feel you will walk out of the June 22 title match as the new World of Stardom champion?

Xena: That’s the only way.

Q: Historic X Over 2 was announced for November 2024. Are there any competitors in NJPW that you would like to participate in a mixed Tag Team match with?

Xena: If we’re talking overall talent in NJPW over the years, it would be cool to team up with Shinsuke Nakamura.

Q: In closing, do you have a final message for Maika ahead of your June 22 title match?

Xena: This is nothing personal but the era of the Empress is coming to an end, just as the Goddess of Thunder walks out of Yoyogi as the new World of Stardom champion. would like to thank STARDOM for arranging this interview. We would also like to thank Xena and wish her luck in the biggest match of her career on June 22 against World of Stardom Champion Maika.

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