Chris Jericho’s Wife Implies They “Say Gay, Retarded, and N-Word” in Their House

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Not content with simply being secretively racist and homophobic now that ‘Likes’ have been made private on Twitter/X, Chris Jericho’s wife, instead, prefers to shout her beliefs from digital rooftops.

This is not a new development for Jessica Irvine. In fact, she treats her Twitter page like a virtual town square. The only problem is, in said town square, she’s the loud, overbearing, obnoxious one using a megaphone to bellow her bigotry while holding a sign that says ‘The End is Nigh.’

All of that is, of course, her First Amendment right, and if there’s one thing Elon Musk cares about, it’s….money. But! If there are two things Elon Musk cares about…it’s money and Asian porn. But brother, if there are three things Elon Musk cares about…it’s money, Asian porn, and preserving the First Amendment.

The point is, Irvine, who has been married to AEW wrestler Chris Jericho for the past 24 years, is free to say, tweet, or retweet anything she wants. But that means the rest of us are allowed to point it out.

Take, for example, some of the more recent posts that Jessica has retweeted.

In one post, Irvine retweeted an image that states “In this house, we say gay and retarded and…’n-word’ (we’re not going to actually write the n-word, but you can see the tweet below).

That was just a few hours ago. It’s unclear if, when she implies “this house,” she is including her husband in said house.

Yesterday, she retweeted a post that said, simply, “Gender identity is bullshit & humans don’t change sex.” Again, it’s her right to have this opinion. Even though current laws and science continue to prove her wrong.

Not content with just painting herself as homophobic and transphobic, Jessica retweeted a post that dabbles in racism as well.

It’s unclear if Chris Jericho shares any, or all, of his wife’s beliefs. It’s unfair to blame or judge somebody for their spouse’s behavior or beliefs. And, by many accounts, Chris Jericho is a relatively “cool” human being. He’s partnered with horror movie icons Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy The Mail Girl on a number of projects and podcasts. Darcy is a very outspoken, open-minded, compassionate individual, as is Briggs. Both are huge fans and supporters of Jericho.

Jericho, to his credit, chooses to mostly remain ‘mum’ on many of the subjects that his wife tweets about. Until he says something or, at least, retweets something, it’s unfair to assume what he believes about social issues.

It should be noted that, according to Chris Jericho’s autobiography, it was former WCW jobber Disco Inferno that introduced Jericho to the former Jessica Lockhart, which makes all of the sense in the world for those familiar with the musings of Disco.

There are rumors that Jericho and his wife are estranged, but an Instagram post shows the couple together with their children, just a couple weeks ago. This could mean something or it could mean nothing at all.

Five years ago, Jericho lovingly penned a Facebook post about his bride, but a lot can happen in five years.

Regardless, Chris Jericho is his own man with his own beliefs and his own moral compass. And that’s why he might be uncomfortable with his wife speaking for him when it comes to racist and homophobic epithets that may or may not be said in their house.

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