Adam Copeland Wants To Be Full Time In AEW As Long As Possible

Adam Copeland is looking to be full time in All Elite Wrestling for as long as he possibly can.

Last night at the conclusion of AEW WrestleDream, Sting and Darby Allin were at the mercy of Christian, Luchasauras and Nick Wayne to conclude the show.

As they prepared a conchairto, Adam Copeland would make his AEW debut to make the save for Sting and Darby, shaking both men’s hands.

Speaking at the AEW WrestleDream press conference spoke about his debut and what he hopes to achieve in All Elite Wrestling.

“Part of coming here is that I want to contribute. I wanted to help. I just felt like here, I’d really be able to do that an have the opportunity to be able to do that. I look at an entire fresh roster of faces and so many talent that I’ve never laid hands on before and that, to me, as a person who is driven by challenges, that for me was the biggest thing. I’ve never been in a ring with Samoa Joe or stood in a ring with Sting before tonight. I see Nick Wayne, Swerve, there are so many possibilities for me. At this stage of my career, that is so enticing and exciting. I felt free. It felt fun. I felt the same feeling I had when I would come out for my indie shows when I was Adam Impact or Sexton Hardcastle. It was this brand new thing I always wanted to do. That feeling, I felt it out there. At this stage in my career, to feel that, that’s special. 31 years in, to feel that way, that’s a gift. This is all I ever wanted to do and this feels like an opportunity to come in, and not just come in every three months. I’m going to be there every week. I’m a full-time guy. I want to do that for as long as that is possible. I feel that’s how I can help the most. More than anything, that’s what I’m here to do.”

Adam Copeland

Copeland is scheduled to face Luchasauras in his AEW debut on Title Tuesday and will speak on this week’s AEW Dynamite.

Copeland is said to be looking to take over the role CM Punk served in the company prior to his firing, minus the drama.

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