Swerve Strickland Says He And Hangman Page Aren’t So Different

Swerve Strickland comments on his rivalry with Hangman Adam Page.

Swerve and Hangman have been involved in a rivalry for the past few weeks centered around Strickland coming for Hangman’s spot in AEW. The two had a contract signing during Wednesday’s Dynamite where the pair highlighted mental health in an intense promo segment. The pair are currently scheduled to face off at tonight’s AEW WrestleDream event.

Speaking to Adrian Hernandez of The Sporting Tribune, Swerve commented on what the match means to him.

“It feels validating in a lot of ways. This is my first singles match on a pay-per-view and it’s against one of the biggest dogs in AEW, the history of the company. We have a lot of differences, but the more that we do these promos and are face-to-face and inform the audience and educate each other about one another, what we want, what we’re after, and what we fight for, the more we’re finding out that we’re not that different, there are a lot more similarities. We’re both very fierce, very hungry for what we want. The fact that I’m the one to bring that out of Hangman, that’s a big testament to who I am and what I offer to the company and what I am in general as a performer,”

Swerve Strickland

We will have to wait and see if Strickland can defeat Hangman and take his spot as he has predicted in this storyline.

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