AEW WrestleDream: Kris Statlander vs Julia Hart Match Result

The TBS Championship was on the line at AEW WrestleDream.

Since losing to Statlander in mid 2022, Julia Hart has not lost inside an AEW ring and she looked to keep that streak going in her TBS title challenge at AEW WrestleDream.

Early on it was a game of cat and mouse as Kris used her power to her advantage while Julia attempted to use her speed and athleticism to stay away from the TBS Champion.

Early on Statlander’s power would prove to be the difference, including a fireman’s carry spot from the floor, only for Julia to rake the eyes and gain an advantage.

Hart even included her own tribute to Antonio Inoki, utilizing the octopus stretch, only for it to backfire as Kris powered out of it and hit a series of high impact moves to the former cheerleader but could only manage a 2 count.

Julia would go for the mist, but Kris would slap the mist right out of her mouth.

The pair would battle on the top rope, with Statlander receiving the spider suplex and moonsault combination only for Statlander to get her foot on the rope.

After a submission attempt backfired, Statlander would hit a tombstone followed by Saturday Night Fever led to Statlander retaining her TBS title.

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