AEW WrestleDream: Hangman Page vs Swerve Strickland Match Result

Hangman Page was in hostile territory at AEW WrestleDream, as Swerve Strickland would step up to the plate looking to take Hangman Page’s spot.

Before the match, Swerve would take a mic and ask who’s house to huge reactions each time.

Early on, the crowd was heavily in Swerve’s corner as Hangman worked the unnatural position of being the working heel for the matchup.

The match would be brutal, including a Dead Eye on the steel ring steps from AEW’s resident cowboy.

Swerve would take out the arm of Hangman with a fujiwara armbar and a stomp on the arm, followed by a Swerve Stomp on the apron. Swerve would then hit a 450 on the injured arm.

Hangman would end up soon hitting the Buckshot lariat only for Nana to get Swerve’s foot on the rope. Paul Turner ejected him.

Swerve would hit Hangman with Nana’s crown before hitting a pair of House Calls and A JML Driver, pinning Hangman Page for the win.

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