Matt Cardona Had Sex With a WWF Diva Last Night; Has F’ing Made It

Matt Cardona is living the dream. At least, that’s how it seems from the outside looking in. He’s a multiple time champion, he won the Intercontinental Championship at a WrestleMania, he’s THE Indy Darling, and he gets to go home every night (metaphorically speaking) to Chelsea Green.

What more could a guy ask for?

Cardona even has an extensive wrestling action figure and general toy collection so, basically, he’s living the dream of every 14-year-old boy.

But he is a man, and make no mistake about it – he’s earned every single one of those luxuries.

The best part of all? Cardona doesn’t take any of it for granted and he knows how blessed he is.

Take, for instance, a couple of tweets he sent out this weekend that demonstrate just how content the former Zach Ryder actually is.

I mean, who can disagree?

To be clear, Chelsea Green is so much more than a big-boobed ‘WWF Diva.’ She’s a star in her own right and obviously Cardona knows just how special of a woman he has married. And vice-versa, we’re sure. Like, who wouldn’t want to be married to a guy with that perfect of a tan?

Taking it one step further, Cardona revealed that he and his blushing bride recently took part in…something that married couples take part in (unless you’re my parents and resent each others’ existence but refuse to get divorced because people at their church would judge them).

When answering a question of what he would tell the 20-year-old version of himself, Cardona offered up the most important aspect of his life right now.

It’s just good to see your heroes living their dream, y’know? Cardona knows how great his life is, and guess what – he doesn’t need the WWE to have that great life. All he needs is his health, his spray tan, and his big-boobed, WWF Diva wife.

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