Bobby Fish Says He Came Up With reDragon Name, Explains His Thought Process: “Oh these guys, you know, these two karate guys think they’re dragons’”

Bobby Fish discusses the creation of the reDragon tag team name.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are a tag team known as reDragon and have teamed together for over ten years in multiple promotions. Speaking with Tru Heel Heat Wrestling, Fish revealed that he came up with the name and gave his thought process behind the name.

“The name was me. I was reading a book at the time and it was something I took from the book. It was Red Dragons with an S, but I shortened it to just reDRagon and I thought because Kyle and I both did martial arts and we’re trying to be heels, so a couple of little extra detail layers that were things that as a kid, growing up that I loved about wrestling were the details. And so I figured, ‘okay reDRagon, anything dragon is very, you know, commercialized, American martial artsy, you know.’ So anything Dragon they’re gonna think like, ‘oh these guys, you know, these two karate guys think they’re dragons’ and you know, reDRagon, I don’t know it just sounded douchey to me. I was like, it’s perfect and then as we’re trying to, I’m trying to come up with a way to like, you know, design what the logo might look like I realized like, ‘oh my God, there’s a D and an R simultaneously in the spelling next to each other.’ Davey Richards, it’s perfect, it’s perfect, it’ll be all lower case and we’re capitalizing the D and the R and we’re never gonna acknowledge it. We’re never ever going to say that that’s what it is, let people come to their own conclusion,” 

“I mean, that’s truly what it was because the way we were coming into things was through a feud with Davey Richards and it was Kyle’s bone to pick with Davey Richards. So it was kind of like that shot at Davey and it put, you know, and I think it was putting some heat and some steam on the thing unspoken, but with Ring of Honor fans between me and Davey gave us a bone of contention because you know, here I kind of, you know, influenced his guy to, you know, further get away from him. So yeah I mean it was just fun to like layer in those details just so much fun,” 

Bobby Fish

Bobby would leave AEW in August of 2022 after he and the company could not come to an agreement on a new deal.

Meanwhile, Kyle O’Reilly has been out for around a year after undergoing neck surgery. We will have to wait and see if we will see reDragon reunite in the future.

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