Bobby Fish Doesn’t Think Anyone Wanted The Undisputed Era To End In WWE

Bobby Fish comments on the end of Undisputed Era in WWE.

The Undisputed Era are one of the top factions in recent WWE memory despite limited exposure on the main roster as a faction. The stable dominated NXT throughout their run, and all ended up holding championships at one point. The fans loved the stable, and there have been calls for a reunion in AEW once Kyle O’Reilly is healthy.

In a recent interview with Tru Heel Heet, Fish was asked about the end of the faction and if he ever saw it coming.

“If I’m being honest, I don’t think anybody wanted that. I think that at some point the powers that be thought, but I don’t think they were even sure that they wanted it at that point. I think the pandemic turned everything on its head. I think there were some things that were on with Pat McAfee who was kind of the entity that was going to help us turn babyface with the War Games and all that stuff, which we did. We definitely felt like and I believe WWE felt like we had a babyface run in us and who knows how long that’s gonna go before things were, and then like who knows you can’t predict so especially in pro wrestling. So I think that decision ended up being because they just ran out of the other options and the pandemic. And everything was, you know, no audiences and everything was changing and now they needed, you know, there’s just, it’s just life. That’s how it goes and I’m a firm believer, my faith tells me that it’s his schedule not ours and there’s a reason for this stuff and he was preparing us for something else, you know, not for the four of us to stay together. And who knows what that is and we may never know, but I have faith that it’ll make sense.”

Bobby Fish

While Fish is not signed to AEW at present, the other three members of The Undisputed Era are. We will have to wait and see if we will ever see a reunion of the faction.

What do you think? Did WWE make a mistake splitting up The Undisputed Era? Let us know in the comments and on our social media pages.

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