Indy Sensation Rick Recon Has Had Some IMPACT Wrestling Discussions With Tommy Dreamer

Indy sensation and current ISPW Heavyweight Champion Rick Recon was a recent guest on the Alliance Pro Wrestling Network Sunday Special Interview Podcast.

One of the questions that was asked of Rick Recon is if he has had any talks with Tommy Dreamer, who has appeared on numerous ISPW events, about a possible debut for IMPACT Wrestling.

Here is what Rick Recon had to say regarding that question:

Yeah, yes, a little bit, I can tell he I.E he has been at more and more ISPW events so there’s been more and more interaction. It’s good to see him obviously every time he is there. Tommy Dreamer is an awesome guy for real. He’s a really good dude, one of the best, he is always trying to help people out . The thing is he will go out of his way to watch guys matches and he’s come to me with feedback and definitely a lot of confidence boosters. So I could tell he’s paying attention and now I have his attention in a sense. He’s a guy that I’ve looked up to for years anyway just as a fan, I always loved Tommy Dreamer so it’s really cool to be able to talk to him on that level.

Recon was then asked which IMPACT Wrestling star he would like to face.

Steve Maclin and not because he is world champ but because he is really really good and I love intensity he brings in his matches. He is absolutely intense and I love it. There’s not enough guys like that, that’s just I’m a pro wrestler and we’re going to do pro wrestling, you know, there’s not enough of those. He’s one of them that I would love. I don’t care what it’s for, I don’t care if it’s a regular match or for the title or could care less what it is. I would really love to tear it up with Steve Maclin.

Here is the full Alliance Pro Wrestling Network Sunday Special Interview with Rick Recon:

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