Jinder Mahal Discusses His Recent NXT Return

Jinder Mahal discusses his recent run in WWE NXT.

Jinder Mahal recently returned to NXT for a four month stint, both wrestling on the brand and managing Indus Sher.

In a new interview with WWE’s After The Bell podcast, Mahal went into detail about his run in NXT and how it inspired him.

“It was incredible, just being around young energy again, young and motivated superstars. It inspired me. It pushed me in a way, just seeing these young people that are full of hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We get a little bit grizzled and grumpy, it does happen. I felt reinvigorated and being around Indus Sher, those two guys are megastars in my eyes. They can do everything. They have every aspect of the game down, from look to persona. Veer has explosive and powerful moves. Sanga is a mountain, so powerful and calculated. Those two are incredible. Standing and watching ringside, or teaming with them when the time comes, those guys having my back when it’s my turn in the ring. [Being in NXT] was incredible. I learned a lot. I worked with Terry Taylor and Shawn Michaels and all the great coaches there.”

Jinder Mahal

Mahal was called up to Monday Night RAW alongside Indus Sher, the tag team of Veer and Sanga.

We will have to wait and see if Mahal will return to NXT for another short stint in the future.

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